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Iroquois Principal's Corner — May 19, 2020

This coming Monday is Memorial Day. Memorial Day, formerly known as Decoration Day, was started around the time of the Civil War when friends, family, and supporters of soldiers would decorate the graves of those who died serving in the armies of the union and confederacy. Michigan was one of the first states to recognize Memorial Day as a holiday prior to it becoming a federal holiday. 

Memories are important in our lives. For Memorial Day, it’s remembering those service people who gave their lives. I’ll go a couple of steps further and what about the memory of a grandparent, friend, sibling, spouse, or child that we remember. The anguish of losing someone is really hard, yet the memory of our loved ones can make us smile. Maybe even laugh. The memories of our loved ones, hopefully, will make us into better people.

So how will we, who are still alive, be remembered? Maybe not solely for our sense of humor and warm smile, but more importantly for the light we were to others. Are we being a light? How is our discipleship going? Could we say we’re being the hands and feet of Jesus? I think those are questions that are important to wrestle with. Our legacy is important IF we are choosing to leave a legacy that reflects the light of Christ. Then, it is HE who is remembered.

As we approach Memorial Day, let’s give thanks for our servicemen and women, and give thanks for their sacrifice. While doing so, let’s give thanks for those who have been memorable, and seek to also become memorable for Jesus’ sake.

I hope you have a blessed week!

—John Barkel