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Iroquois Principal's Corner — May 4, 2021

Who was your favorite teacher? Maybe you had a few favorites. Why were they your favorite? Were they funny? Did they inspire you? Did they bring you peace when peace was hard to find? Did they dress funny? Who was your favorite teacher?

I heard a story once where a school consultant asked a high school student what their least favorite class was. The answer was science class. The next question was, “Who is your favorite teacher?” The student answered, “My science teacher.” Perplexed, the consultant asked more questions about this situation. Ultimately, the content of the course was challenging, but the environment and mood of the room were loving, safe, and comfortable for the student. The teacher controls this aspect of the learning experience. Who was your favorite teacher?

This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week. Our teachers today are extraordinary. Not only are they planning extensive lessons and teaching content, going through professional development, wearing masks, writing report cards, cleaning desks, supervising recess, and tying shoes, they are also displaying love, care, and compassion to their students. The list of “to do’s” for teachers continue to get longer, and they attack it because they want to do what is best for kids. 

So, who is my favorite teacher? My favorite teacher(s) are our GRCS teachers. Our teachers at Iroquois, Evergreen, Rockford Christian, our middle school, and high school. The teachers we love, know, and trust. The ones who have answered God’s call to sacrifice much for the good of our young people. Why do GRCS teachers do it? Because they love our kids and want them to know the Good News of Jesus Christ. The sacrifice is worth it to them. Our teachers might not consider what they do a sacrifice. I think they’d consider what they do an honor. 

Thank you so much GRCS teachers. We are blessed to have you!

—John Barkel

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