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Iroquois Principal's Corner - November 1, 2022

I’ve heard a saying before that goes, “The birds will sing in the morning.” Have you ever gone
outside on a spring or summer morning and listened to the birds sing? As we continue on into
fall, and approach winter, I encourage you to look forward to going outside and listening on
those spring and summer mornings. The Robins, Chickadees, and Cowbirds are some of my
favorites to listen to.

While I love talking about birds and their songs, I want to focus for a moment on that phrase,
“The birds will sing in the morning.” The deeper meaning behind this phrase is that while we
may be going through a tough day, the next day is a fresh start. We can look forward to the
wonderful welcome of a new day, and hearing the birds sing.

We have tough days, don’t we? Our kids have tough days too. Yet, we are given the hope of a
new day. God’s beautiful singing birds remind us of his faithfulness in a new day. A fresh start.
As I write this, I didn’t have the best day. In fact, it was pretty rough! However, I know
tomorrow is coming, and I get to look forward to the birds singing in the morning. God has a
new day ready and waiting for each of us, and we can rejoice and be glad in what is to come.

If you feel called, I encourage you to share this phrase with your kids. It’s an easy one, and we
can all hear the birds in the morning. Remind them that while today might be a tough one,
God’s planning on a new day, and we get to look forward to what he has in store for us.

Blessings to each of you as you endure good days and not-so-good days. Remember, the birds
will sing in the morning!

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