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Iroquois Principal's Corner — November 2, 2021

To those of us who are Michigan fans, this past Saturday was not a great day for us. That being said, I’m going to refer to a previous Michigan vs. Michigan State football game.

Here is a picture of Devin Bush, a former Michigan linebacker standing mid-field at Spartan Stadium.

MSU-UM_DevinBush Photo

I have this picture framed up in my office, and it’s one of my favorite pictures. Here, Devin Bush is warming up while the MSU team in linked arms sweeps the field. Bush stands confidently as it is the Wolverine’s scheduled warm-up time. He did not move, standing up against what seemed to be an impossible situation. 

While I am an avid U of M fan and love Devin Bush, this image, to me, stands for so much more. I also see a person, not on their home turf. A place that they might not be comfortable in. He is being approached by his rival, maybe even his enemy. The situation is far from ideal for him, yet he stands tall. 

This makes me think of David and Goliath. David who was alone, small, and by all earthly measures, is incapable of defeating Goliath indeed does so. David says in 1 Samuel, “The battle belongs to the Lord.”

Sometimes our battles in life aren’t ours to fight. We’re in them and experience what comes from life’s battles, and yet we can have hope in God is with us. We know that with our faith in God, we will come out of our battles being closer to God, and better for enduring the battle as unpleasant as they are. Thanks be to God that not all of life’s battles are for us to fight!

Blessings to you this week!

—John Barkel

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