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Middle School Principal's Corner — March 2, 2021

How Far We've Come!

It is hard to believe that it is March!  It has been a whole year (on March 13) since Mr. DeJonge asked us all to pack up our school supplies and head home for what we did not know at the time would be a very long time! Fortunately, our awesome team of teachers at GRCS didn’t skip a beat and quickly moved our students right into online learning.

What I would like to celebrate today is the fact that our students have been able to come to school in person for six months!  Teachers have been teaching, students have been learning, relationships have been building, and we have been growing in our faith! We have seen firsthand at GRCMS how God has held us together! 

As the weather gets warmer and the Michigan sun begins to show itself a bit more, we anticipate with excitement a week of iXplore! During this time, students have an opportunity to try new things, meet new friends and learn from different amazing teachers.

Today, please take a moment to thank God with me for the school year he has given us at GRCMS and all that he has planned for us in the weeks ahead! 


—Sara Seth

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