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Middle School Principal's Corner — May 12, 2020

The End is Near

We are a couple weeks from the official end of the school year on May 29, and, given the current circumstances, I am sure that everyone is looking forward to summer break.  I want to thank everyone again — staff, students, and families — for the hard work, dedication, and collaboration that has gone into making off-campus learning a success.  None of us got into education to teach and learn remotely, but you have made the best of challenging circumstances, and we salute all of you for your efforts!

Instruction will be wrapping up just after Memorial Day, and we will use the final few days to catch up and to collect materials — books, devices and chargers, school-owned instruments — and to return anything that is still at school.  We plan to return and collect the 8th graders’ things on May 28, and we will return and collect everyone else’s items on May 29.  Report cards will be available online by Friday, June 5.

We are currently working on the logistics of these couple of days and should have details out to you by early next week.  We are creating a plan that recognizes appropriate precautions and social distancing guidelines but will also provide opportunities for staff and students to say “goodbye” for the summer.  Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Thanks again for sharing your kids with us and for partnering with us throughout the year, and particularly in this time of off-campus learning.  We are grateful for our Christian community of faith and learning at GRCMS and for all that you do each day to support and encourage us.  Thank you.

—Eric Burgess