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Middle School Principal's Corner — May 25, 2021

What do I have to share in the last home bulletin of 2020-2021?

That is what I was asking myself when this popped in my head, “Let’s put a lid on this year and never open it up again!” But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that that would be a shame! Despite the challenges and frustrations, there are so many positives that have come out of this school year.  

My first year as a principal is almost in the books. The main thing I have been reflecting on over the past two weeks is how thankful I am to work with both the middle school staff and the administrative team. This year has been anything but easy and I have felt more supported than ever! THANK YOU to all of you for not only your hard work and love for students but also for your love and support for me! It has been a crucial part of this year for me and has definitely helped me through my first year as principal!

My hope and prayer is for all GRCS families to have a fun, blessed, restful, and healthy summer ahead!


—Sara Seth

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