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Middle School Principal's Corner — May 4, 2021

Dear Grand Rapids Christian Middle School Community,

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I want to stop to appreciate our TEACHERS & STAFF!

This year has been such a testimony to the extreme love our staff has for students. Our staff has worked tirelessly this year to keep students learning and engaged in school. I am thankful for all of the “extras” they have done this year to make this school year a success! I have had many parents reach out and join me in noticing their hard work!

On that note, I also want to thank our parent community for spoiling our teachers this week with special treats! It is such a pick-me-up and our staff feels loved!

It is hard to believe that we are into May and only have 16 and a half school days left! There is yet so much to be accomplished in these last few weeks.

COVID has surely taken a toll on all of us. Students are getting tired of wearing masks and teachers are tired of reminding students to wear their masks correctly. The Kent County Health Department, and specifically Joann Hoganson, have been wonderful partners in helping us determine guidelines for keeping our students safe.

Please join us in the final push to remind your students of the protocols we must follow to finish out the year strong and be able to participate in the fun end-of-year activities ahead. We appreciate your partnership! Health and blessings to you all!

—Sara Seth

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