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Middle School Principal's Corner — May 5, 2020

Staff Appreciation

I have been a principal for 12 years now.  I think that I write every year that the easiest home bulletin for me to write every year is the message during staff appreciation week. This year is no exception, but it certainly comes in the midst of exceptional times.

Our teaching and support staff at GRCMS are dedicated to two things: serving God and serving kids.  They pour their hearts into teaching your children and partnering with you in their learning. They devote countless hours inside the classroom and outside the classroom to planning and revising lessons, grading and providing feedback, and collaborating with colleagues.  They pray for your children and communicate with you as parents about progress.

During the past two months, they have flipped their modes of delivery to an online platform, hosted Zoom sessions, sent and responded to hundreds of e-mails, and tried to find time for their own families and mental health.  It has been a differently-busy time for all of us, but our GRCMS staff have gone above-and-beyond to ensure that student learning continues to be a high priority in these days of quarantine.

It is an unusual time for me to transition as principal with this amazing staff.  I miss them as I miss your children.  The best parts of many of my days are when I check in with a grade-level team or have a planning meeting for next year with a group of staff.  They bring joy, laughter, and a dedication to serving God and kids to each and every conversation.  It is an honor and privilege to get to work with them and to partner with your families in the academic, social, and faith growth of each of the nearly 450 children that we serve at GRCMS!

Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement of all of us as we have spent these past two months in off-campus learning.  We only have 18 school days left in this school year; as unusual as it has been, like every school year, it goes by quickly!  In this week of staff appreciation, I encourage you to send an e-mail or mail a note to your child(ren)’s teacher or support staff to say thanks and to remind them of the significant difference they are making for kids.

—Eric Burgess