Holding hands in praise

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Middle School Principal's Corner — November 3, 2020

Jesus Holds All Things Together

What a challenging fall It has been so far! Not only are COVID counts on the rise once again, but we now face the results of a tumultuous election. Both of these events weigh heavily on us as a school community as they may in your own families. We currently live in a very polarized society. Yet it is of utmost importance that we work to find a balance of respect toward all. As Christians, this is not a time to compete with each other, but rather to find a common strength in the love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Grand Rapids Christian Middle School will be a safe place for your children this week as we move forward through this election. Know that our staff will first and foremost point to Jesus as the King who holds all things together! Pray with me for our school community, for our city, for our country, and for our government that there may be a spirit of unity. Please join with me in turning to our trust in God as the ultimate ruler; He is the one who created us and has our future in His hands.

—Sara Seth