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Rockford Principal's Corner — February 2, 2021

I love a good story. Who doesn’t? 

Be it a great novel or an anecdote about that time you fell in a pool with your phone in your pocket — stories have a way of capturing our attention. You might even say we are wired for stories. It’s how we make sense of the world. 

Stories, however, are easily shaped this way or that (just let me tell you about the Largemouth Bass I caught this summer) based on the needs of the teller. Who is telling the story matters. 

During yesterday’s Family Time, Julian Newman shared with our school about how the experience of Black and Brown people have often been mistold or forgotten altogether from the larger narrative of American History. February 1st marks the start of Black History Month and an opportunity to listen carefully to stories we might not have heard before. 

Students at Rockford Christian will be taking time in their classrooms to listen and learn about the contributions of African Americans and how they have shaped and strengthened the American story. More importantly, we will contextualize our learning within God’s Story. When voices are missing or groups of people are underrepresented from the stories we tell, we only get a partial picture of who God is. Our teachers work hard to make sure our students hear more than their own experiences, and in so doing, come to understand God and His world more deeply. 

In Him,

— Ben Buursma

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