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Rockford Principal's Corner —January 11, 2022

Happy New Year, Rockford Christian Families!

The beginning of a new calendar year and a new semester is a natural time to think about growth. We tend to reflect on the progress we’ve made and set goals for where we hope to end up. Perhaps you’ve made a few resolutions for yourself, whether it be to get more sleep, spend more time outside, or restart that daily devotions practice.

In his book “Atomic Habits,” James Clear talks about the importance of forming habits, not with a goal in mind, but driven by the type of person you wish to be. Instead of setting out to read 52 books this year, focus on becoming a reader. You can try to eat more veggies, but your impact will be greater if you instead ask yourself before each meal, “What would a healthy person eat?” Identity-based habits tend to live long after we’ve met the goals we’ve set.

I’m fairly certain you don’t read this Principal’s Corner for lifestyle advice, yet the insights on habits feel pertinent to what we do at school each day. 

We want students to be reading at their respective grade levels, but more importantly, we want students to see themselves as readers. It’s great if your kid gets 100% on their math assessment, but the benefits of seeing themselves as problem solvers will last much longer than that test will last on your fridge. 

Ultimately, it is our hope that your child’s time at Rockford Christian will center their identity in Christ. We pray that their habits, actions, and outcomes reflect their kingdom calling as God’s image-bearers. 

Blessings on becoming the person God has called you to be!

In Him
— Ben Buursma

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