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Rockford Principal's Corner — November 2, 2021

What do you remember about elementary and middle school? A favorite teacher? Maybe a book that stuck with you? Perhaps a grade-level standard or learning target? That last one is a bit of a joke -- what we learn is often less memorable than how we learn it. Put another way, we learn best through experiences and relationships. 

At Rockford Christian School, we strive to create meaningful, authentic learning opportunities that grow the whole child.

First graders spent time this past month creating a city out of recyclable materials as they learned about what is important in a community. Eighth graders worked the hard ground outside to uncover buried artifacts as part of an archeology unit. All of our fifth graders are still accounted for after an overnight at “Mr. Phil’s Survival School.” In a few weeks, our 4th graders head to the Zoo for a whole week for an in-depth study of the animals there.

RCS Outdoor Photos

All of these incredible experiences happen in the context of strong classroom relationships and a Christ-centered community. We learn more about God through experiences in His world. 

It is my hope that someday in the future when your child is asked, “What do you remember about school?” they can respond, “How much time do you have?”

In Him
— Ben Buursma

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