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Superintendent's Corner - Fall 2017

Dear friends,

When it comes to creating a Christian learning environment in which each student is able to thrive, nothing matters more than the work of our dedicated faculty and staff.  And it’s through their work and passion for preparing our students to be effective servants of Christ in contemporary society day in and day out that Grand Rapids Christian Schools is enabled to achieve its mission.

It is within that context that we are excited to initiate strengthened instructional practices that support the mastery of essential academic standards for all students.  Our new and fully renovated facilities allow teachers to teach in flexible environments and utilize state-of-the-art tools in the teaching and learning process.  The strength of our programs is clearly evident the moment one steps into our schools.

We recognize that it is because our community has partnered with us in many ways over many years that we are able to accomplish what God has called us to do.   We hope you will feel and experience the evidence of our deep gratitude for that partnership.   On behalf of the Board of Trustees, thank you for your prayerful support of, commitment to, and passion for Christian education and Grand Rapids Christian Schools.

Tom DeJonge