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Superintendent's Corner - Fall 2018

Dear Parents and Friends:

Oh, what a joy it is for me and Grand Rapids Christian Schools’ faculty and staff to partner with you as parents in the education of your children. On May 28, 2018, we graduated 268 students prepared to use their unique gifts to glorify God, pursue personal faith, and bring about shalom in the world. We celebrated students who achieved at high levels academically, in the fine and musical arts, and on the athletic fields. We said “God be with you” to students who formed friendships that will be forever cherished in a community rooted in faith. 

Justin is one of those graduates. In addition to being a wonderful son and student, he demonstrates a passion for developing youth of all races and backgrounds through teaching leadership, coordinating volunteer service projects, and providing life lessons on civic duties and responsibilities.  His passion is seen in a partnership he spearheaded with the Grand Rapids Police Department where teens and law enforcement officers come together for open and honest dialogue on how to meaningfully engage with one another.  

Justin is a bridge builder and seeker of justice. He embodies the qualities and Christian character of a Grand Rapids Christian graduate. Today, Justin looks forward to his college career at Loyola University Chicago and engaging with a diverse range of people and ideologies, in critical thinking, and living a life of discovery and wonder in God’s world. What an exciting future to which Justin has to look forward!

This fall, nearly 2,300 students like Justin, your children, will continue their own personal journeys of deep learning and understanding God’s call on their lives. Our students are from all walks of life and backgrounds. You as parents are, like Justin’s, planting your children in the rich soil of Christian education and, in partnership with our faculty and staff, nurturing that soil in order to prepare effective servants of Christ. Young adults equipped to impact their homes, communities, and world from a Christian perspective. 

Welcome to 2018-2019 at Grand Rapids Christian Schools! We are honored to partner with you on that journey.