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Rockford Christian Home Bulletin News — October 31

Rockford Campus News

👕 Lost and Found

Check out our digital lost and found. 

Middle School Lost and Found    Elementary Lost and Found

🌲 RCS Holiday Swag Sale

Due to popular demand we are offering families the opportunity to buy more RCS clothing. Please follow this link to our RCS store. Orders are due by November 3 and should arrive at RCS by Dec 8. Please reach out to the office if you have any questions.

🥶 Cooler Temps 

The cooler temps have found us! Please ensure your student comes to school with coats, hats, gloves, and maybe even boots! Students are expected to go outside during morning and afternoon break (weather permitting).

💼 Learning Commons Volunteer

Attention parents! Do you love books? Do you love to volunteer at school? Are you organized and a lover of detail? If so, we would LOVE to have you volunteer in the Learning Commons! We might task you with things like shelving books, cleaning up messy shelves, delivering books and other things to classrooms + more! We promise it will be fun - because the library is the BEST place to be! If you are interested in becoming a Learning Commons volunteer, please contact Carla Hardy at Thank you! 

🙏 Parents and Grandparents in Prayer

We would love to welcome parents and grandparents to join us in praying for our school. For a number of years, parents and grandparents have been meeting one morning a week to pray for our teachers, staff, students and school community. We would love to continue that tradition again this year. 

Parents and Grandparents in Prayer meet on Wednesday mornings in the school parking lot at 8:45 after drop-off. We typically walk around the campus as we pray. Little siblings are welcome to join us. We follow the guidelines outlined by Moms in Prayer International. Here is a link to the Moms in Prayer resource.

🛝 Recess Duty

We are always looking for parents to step in and help with recess duty at lunchtime. 12:20 pm to 1 pm. This is a great chance to be on campus and enjoy watching our students interact! Sign up here to join us for recess duty at Rockford Christian.

🗓 Upcoming Dates / Events

November 1

  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th visit Camp Roger

November 2-3

  • 5th grade Survival School

November 6-7

  • Hearing and Vision Screening (PS, K-5 and 7th)

November 13

  • Picture Retakes

November 15

  • No RPS PM busing

❗️Friendly Reminders

🌲 A Note from Outdoor Education 

Recently I had an interesting question from an RCS mother: “What do you think of ticks?” I didn’t take time to think but immediately responded, “Well frankly, I’m against them.” There are certain maladies that we can fear when dealing with Outdoor Education. But I have also witnessed the huge benefits of having our students outside a lot. I hear comments like, “OE is my favorite class” and “I’m muddy but I don’t care!” I see our younger students picking up litter without being prompted or looking for praise. We are making progress.

We hosted the 110 second graders from Grand Rapids Christian Elementary school last week. I couldn’t help but notice while our students were identifying species of trees and talking intelligently about birds, a few of our guests were in tears because their boots were getting muddy. What am I trying to say? Check your kids for ticks every so often, but the payoff is worthwhile.

(By the way, when you are finished with your pumpkins for the season, please donate them to our compost bin. They really are fun to smash!)


The next PTO meeting is Thursday November 30 at 6:30 pm. We are always happy to have new joiners! Any questions, contact Lindsey Toth


RCS TRIP Office 

The TRIP Office is available on Tuesday mornings in the RCS Office from 8 am to 10 am.

New to TRIP? TRIP allows you to reduce the cost of tuition by purchasing gift cards and gift certificates for things you buy every day from hundreds of national and local vendors.

How does TRIP work? When you purchase gift cards at face value, a percentage of your purchase is credited to your TRIP account. Two times per year (November 1 and May 1), the accumulated TRIP credits are applied as payment to your tuition account, or donated to the tuition account you have designated.


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