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Learning Opportunities for Parents

The month of January offers two great opportunities for parents in our community to learn more about how we as Christians can better support our children and how we can create more welcoming and accessible communities. I wanted to take the opportunity in this week's "Principal's Corner" to draw your attention to the learning opportunities found below.

The Internet & Anxiety: Keeping Kids Safe

The Garage, Grand Rapids Christian High School
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Grand Rapids Christian Schools has partnered with Protect Young Eyes and 
The Anxiety Resource Center to present back-to-back parent workshops on 
January 15, 2019. The Digital Culture of Kids will address issues like pornography,  predators, sexting, social media, screen time, cyberbullying, anxiety, and depression that can come with the territory of technology. Those attending will leave with practical, actionable strategies families will be able to implement at home. Understanding Anxiety will present an overview of common anxiety disorders children and adolescents experience and provide insight into how anxiety can manifest at school and home. Simple coping skills and resources to help kids manage anxiety will be provided. 
Chris McKenna will present from 6:00 - 7:20, and the Anxiety Resource Center from
7:30 - 8:50. This event is free and will be hosted at GRCHS; you can come
for one or both of these events.

For more information and to let us know you are coming, please click here.


Disability and Social Structures

Calvin College
January 17 and 18, 2019
Calvin College is hosting a conference entitled "Disability and Social Structures"  during Interim. From the Calvin website: "Disabilities can affect all aspects of life for those who have them, as well as for their families. But not all parts of our communities are set up to welcome and value individuals with disabilities.  Churches, schools, media, community access-all of these sometimes contain structures that exclude, misconstrue, or devalue lives with disabilities, even if unintentionally. This two-day conference aims to show how we can work to 
collectively restructure parts of our communities for the good of all.
You can learn more about the conference and register for it here. 

-Eric Burgess