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Team 3 Class Trip Fundraiser Each Friday in December!

Team 3 Parents: We are still looking for 1 more male volunteer for the New2You store for this Friday. Shifts are from 4:00-7:00 pm. Team 3 gets a percentage of the sales if we have all the shifts fully staffed. Please help out and sign up HERE

All Evergreen Parents: You can help this fundraising effort too! By shopping at New 2 You on Fridays in December between 4-7pm. Money raised above and beyond what Team 3 needs for this year's class trip stays in the coffers for future Team 3 students.


Past Evergreen T-shirts for Sale!

From Friday, Dec 14 to Friday, Dec 21 we will have Evergreen T-shirts from years past out for sale. The price you ask? Whatever donation you see fit! All the money collected from the shirt sale will be used to purchase an item from the World Renew Uzima gift Catalog. Come check out both the t-shirts and gift catalog and see what we can do together.

Emergency School Closings

When school is canceled announcements are made over the following radio and television stations: WOOD-AM 1300, and TV Channels 8 and 13.

It will also be posted on the front page of our website and on our Facebook page.

In addition, you may also sign up for our text messaging service Remind which will also have school closing notifications. If you would like to receive a free text message for such information, you may use the following link to sign up:

The decision to cancel school rests with the superintendent or his designees and is posted by 7:00 a.m. The announcement will state that the Grand Rapids Christian Schools will be closed.