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We Have Some Exciting News!

Continuous Enrollment at Grand Rapids Christian

We are excited to announce that in place of our yearly re-enrollment process, Grand Rapids Christian Schools is moving to Continuous Enrollment. This is the "Set it and Forget it" model of re-enrollment that seeks to simplify life for the majority of GRCS families who re-enroll every year. Once you sign a Continuous Enrollment Contract this year, you'll never have to go through the re-enrollment process again!

Click HERE to learn more and watch a video about Continuous Enrollment

Variable Tuition at Grand Rapids Christian

In addition, instead of posting Required and Requested tuition rates, we will now be offering a range of tuition levels called Variable Tuition.

Click HERE to learn more and watch a video about Variable Tuition. 

The application for Variable Tuition is now open and is available at The deadline for Variable Tuition applications is February 1. 

Be sure to check out the information at to learn more.

Continuous Enrollment contracts will be emailed out to each family in late January. Please read it over and submit it by February 20.

Questions? Feel free to contact for more information.