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High school students perform a production of SHREK
Jana Hoglund

The outstanding quality of Grand Rapids Christian High School’s theatre and performing arts programs is no secret to anyone familiar with Grand Rapids Christian Schools. For years, these programs have been recognized throughout our community as best-in-class. Graduates of GRCHS have experienced wonderful success and received national acclaim in positions in the television and movie industries, on stage, and in vocal and instrumental professions on Broadway and throughout the country. 

So it is exceptionally exciting to announce Jonah Phelps and Jennifer Randall, two students who graduated from Grand Rapids Christian High School in 2016, were honored last month at the National Theatre Awards competition held in New York City. Jonah and Jennifer received Lead Actor and Lead Actress in a Musical awards for their respective performances as Shrek and Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical, performed at the Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Arts and Worship on the GRCHS campus last November.

Directed by first-year Theatre Director Rick Hardenberg, Shrek the Musical was an overwhelming success and enjoyed by thousands within our community. You may be interested to know that Grand Rapids Christian High School was one of the first high schools in Michigan to perform Shrek the Musical, a tribute to the quality of our staff, reputation of our program, and caliber of the Center for Arts and Worship – a facility that enables us to produce shows of this magnitude.

In addition to Jonah’s and Jennifer’s national awards, Seth Billau (Donkey), Isaiah TenHuisen (Farquaad), and Dayna Zylstra (Dragon) received national nominations for their respective roles. Likewise, Director Rick Hardenberg received a national nomination for his outstanding direction. Congratulations to all - job well done!!

Grand Rapids Christian Schools joins your parents and families in being proud of you and your accomplishments and wishes you God’s blessings on the paths He has planned for you to travel.