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Who We Are and What We Believe

At Grand Rapids Christian Schools, we believe that both Christian perspective and academic excellence go hand in hand. Here, one doesn’t exist without the other. And together, they help form and transform every student.



Preparing students to be effective servants of Christ in contemporary society.




Collaborative commitments and how we fulfill our purpose.

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Preparing students to be effective servants of Christ in contemporary society



Faith Formation

Faith formation in the Grand Rapids Christian Schools is rooted in the premise that God loves us and calls us into relationship with Him. GRCS seeks to develop in students and staff a desire to be actively engaged in God’s Kingdom by being Christian disciples.

Grand Rapids Christian recognizes that the school is only one component of a faith formation process shared with the home and the church. While the home is the fundamental and most Biblical arena for faith formation, the Christian school bears an important responsibility in this process as well.

Forming faith can be described in a variety of ways – we have found it helpful to discuss it in the context of how we Know God, Love God, and Serve God. This three-fold focus shapes how we nurture faith in academics, worship and service to God.

For more information about Faith Formation at Grand Rapids Christian Schools, please contact Tom DeJonge, Superintendent, at 616.574.6000 or click here

Statement of Faith

We believe in one God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who has revealed himself in the Holy Bible.  This God is present today and controls both humankind and history.  We believe and confess that:

  • God shows himself through all he has made - for God has made everything;
  • God shows himself in justice and mercy over against the sin and evil which has invaded
  • God's creation;
  • God shows himself and the way of salvation in his Word the Holy Scriptures;
  • God shows himself most fully in his Son Jesus Christ who, by a miraculous birth, became a human being for our sake, suffered, died and was raised to conquer the power of sin and the curse of death under which we all live.

Further, we believe and confess that:

  • Jesus Christ is now the Lord of all things, both in the created world and in the Church - the fellowship of the redeemed;
  • Jesus Christ is now gathering and preserving his Church so that her members may be his servants in this world; Jesus Christ shall return on the day of the Father's choosing to judge all humanity, the living and the dead.

This faith clearly has consequences for the church and the Christian home. It also has special consequences for those involved in Christian day schools, which exist in concert with the home and the church for the nurturing of Christian teaching and life. Because the Lord is Lord of all life, we profess and declare that:

  • Our students will be presented with the basic message of Scripture and the redemption that has been given in Christ.
  • Our students will be instructed in Scriptural principles that will guide them in mature living - in its spiritual, intellectual, and behavioral dimensions.
  • Our students will be encouraged to recognize the greatness and the mercy of our Lord in every area of life.
  • Our students will be guided into a true knowledge of God's world, of its history, and its culture.
  • Our students will be enabled to assess the values of the age from the perspective of Christ's redemption and rule over all the world.

Because our Lord is Lord of all life we further profess and declare that:

  • Obedience to God involves us in a thorough investigation of all reality, and that students and teachers alike should seek to integrate their personal faith with all areas of learning;
  • Obedience to God involves us in an urgency to promote this Lordship of Christ within the communities of our schools and throughout the entire world through the agency of the schools as well as the church and family.

All this we profess and declare in the sure and certain hope that as we nurture our children in the knowledge and love of the Lord, God himself will guide, preserve and bless these efforts through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Faith Perspective

Our World Belongs to God: A Contemporary Testimony (shared with permission by the Christian Reformed Church in North America) is the Christian perspective that guides Grand Rapids Christian Schools. The Contemporary Testimony provides biblical perspective for the entire curriculum. It also affirms that the purpose of education is to enable students to become spiritually wise, world-engaging citizens of God’s Kingdom.



Deuteronomy 6:6-9

Developing a strong knowledge of God, a love for His word, and an understanding that all we do is for God’s glory is fundamental to a Grand Rapids Christian Schools education.


Ecclesiastes 4:12

When churches, families and schools work in partnership, they create a rich atmosphere for faith to grow. 


Deuteronomy 4:9

Our passionate and dedicated teachers prepare students to enter today’s world through effective and relevant methods that engage students and instill a love for learning that is life-long. Our goal is that all students will learn and grow to their full potential as they prepare to transition to be effective servants of Christ in today’s society.


I Peter 4:10

Excellence in God’s eyes is doing one’s best in Glory of Him. Service is an opportunity for Christ to be visibly revealed as the Lord of all things. Through service, we engage in worshipping God and extending the love of Christ in transformative ways.


Philippians 2:3-5

Developing a strong, personal relationship with Christ, as well as intentional, meaningful and respectful relationships with their teachers, other students, their parents, and their church are essential building blocks in a student’s education. It is through meaningful relationships, developed in a Christian context, that students mature in their faith and fulfill their God-given potential.