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Legacy of Success

1908 graduates
RCS students at new school site.
1961 Pep Band
Spanish Immersion Middle School Students

Grand Rapids Christian Schools has an established history of excellence in providing a Christ-centered education. Since 1926, Grand Rapids Christian High School has been accredited by the North Central Education Association and each school is accredited by  Cognia and the Council for Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA).

The U.S. Department of Education has named Grand Rapids Christian High an “Exemplary Secondary School.” Among the school’s nearly 30,000 graduates are leaders in every walk of life – men and women who use their education to make a positive contribution to their families, communities, and professions.

Year after year, over 95% of our graduates go on to college, and their performance on college entrance exams reflects the quality of their education. that mission is built on a tradition of faith and the knowledge that all of life and learning belongs to our Lord and Savior.