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Our mission is to prepare students to be effective servants of Christ in contemporary society. We strive to instill a love for learning and a love for Christ in each child. Our goal is to provide our students with opportunities to explore, understand, and delight in God’s universe. Students are encouraged to explore old and new questions through a Biblical perspective. Our teachers and staff convey God’s love and are committed to excellence in His name. We expect our students to be reflective, to ask questions, to discern what is true, and to seek wisdom. Our desire is to join the Holy Spirit in the work of redeeming God’s world through work and service.

Our curriculum is rigorous and well-rounded, designed to lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning. In addition to the core subjects of Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Bible, the GRCS curriculum includes World Language, Physical Education, Fine Arts and Technology. We use the Common Core State Standards, the ACT College Readiness Curriculum, the MI Quality Indicators for Early Learning, and the Michigan Curriculum Framework as the basis for our K-12 offerings, content, and skills. Our curriculum, focused on educating our students for the 21st century, is founded on the Reformed worldview of creation, fall, redemption and restoration.


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Elementary School (K-4)

Ann Bakker

Elementary Curriculum Coordinator

Middle School (5-8)

Lynette Kooienga

Middle School Academic Program Coordinator

High School (9-12)

Nick DeKoster

Director of Academic and Innovative Programs