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AdvancED Accreditation

Accreditation is a process that allows us to consistently monitor and improve our educational programs. Grand Rapids Christian High School has been nationally accredited since the 1920s through the North Central Association of Secondary Schools, now known as AdvancEd.

Christian Schools International (CSI) and AdvancED have formed a partnership for accreditation to provide CSI member schools with significant resources for school improvement and self-study processes. 

In April, 2012, the CSI site visit team unanimously voted to recommend to the CSI Accreditation Commission that Grand Rapids Christian Schools, K-8, be approved for full accreditation.  This includes Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School, Grand Rapids Christian Middle School, Rockford Christian School, and Grand Raids Christian Elementary School –Evergreen Campus, making our entire K-12 system accredited. 

“Grand Rapids Christian Schools has a wonderful Christ-centered educational program and that fact has now been verified by an external team of professionals.”

(Bob VanWieren, CSI Accreditation Program Director)