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Internships Overview

Winterim Internships enhance the high school experience by giving Junior and Senior students the chance to connect what they have learned in their classes with real-world work. These experiences can help students make decisions about college and career paths and may lead them to finding a mentor in their chosen field.

For example, students may discover that God is calling them to pursue a career in the same field where they interned. Alternatively, they may realize that their gifts are better suited to a different career. In either case, an internship can provide valuable insight into integrating faith into the workplace. 

Juniors and Seniors are eligible apply for a Winterim Internship. It is up to the students to arrange their internships, and we encourage them to start this process as early as the previous spring. The deadline for Internship Applications is in the fall of the school year.

"So thankful for Winterim at Grand Rapids Christian and the many opportunities it presents!"
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Winterim Coordinator

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Winterim Internship Coordinator

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