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International Student Program Highlight

The International Student Program would like to highlight Pedro Bello Monroy, a senior football player from Queretaro, Mexico.

Pedro wanted to experience a different culture and remove himself from an intense school and social environment in Mexico. He was given the choice to either study in Spain where his sister lives, or here in Grand Rapids close to a cousin. His cousin here in Michigan shared that Grand Rapids Christian High School has high standards and a solid Christian environment, both attributes that were important to Pedro's decision to attend school here. GRCHS was also a school that would allow him to pursue football, a sport that he played in Mexico.

Pedro admits that it was scary and he was nervous joining the football team, but he had a coach in Mexico that told him to go for it and he is no stranger to dealing with pressure. His first experience with the team was lifting and he felt right at home.

From the start, the team was welcoming and made it clear that he would work hard. Coach Fellows has also played an important role in Pedro's experience. Pedro appreciates the coach's passion-something that Pedro knows is important in practice as well as the games.

Pedro has enjoyed being a part of and contributing to the team and we are grateful that he is part of our community here at GRCHS!