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Instructional Technology

Technology is a transparent but critical tool in implementing our mission of preparing students to be servants of Christ in contemporary society in instruction, communications, information management, and other operations. By teaming the power of technology with the power of skillful teachers, we will realize an optimal environment for learning. The widespread presence of technology will continue to redefine the concepts of "school", "student", "teacher", as well as “teaching and learning.”


Driven by our mission to prepare our students to be servants of Christ in contemporary society, Grand Rapids Christian Schools (GRCS) is pleased to be able to provide technology devices to our students in grades five through twelve to enhance, enrich, and facilitate learning and communication. GRCS devices are provided to students as a privilege and may be used for school-related purposes, inside and outside the school facility, during the school calendar year. Participating students and their parents will be asked to sign a consent form which details the responsibilities related to technology and use of the school’s devices.


Goals for Student Device Program:

  • Support our mission to prepare students to be effective servants of Christ in contemporary society while using technology resources
  • Implement learning resources that transform the teaching and learning process utilizing creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration
  • Create a technology infused learning environment that will increase student achievement, expand technology literacy, and create a culture in which we can learn and innovate together


GRCS Technology Plan

For more detailed information on Grand Rapids Christian Schools’ philosophy on the use of technology, please refer to the GRCS Technology Plan.

Handbook & Policies

Technology & Device Agreements

Incident Policies & Report Forms

Parent Guides


Grand Rapids Christian School (GRCS) utilizes Synergy’s ParentVUE and StudentVUE portals to provide parents/guardians with access to student and school information.

This tool assists parents/guardians in staying informed and connected with day-today insight into their student’s academic experience. ParentVUE is available as a web portal as well as a mobile app.  

Click here to log-in to your ParentVue Account.

Click here to view the ParentVUE User Guide.


Securly is the Internet school filter used by Grand Rapids Christian Schools. Parents of 6th -12th grade students receive a weekly email report showing a preview of their child’s online activity. The Securly Parent Portal allows you to view your child’s internet audit trail on their school-issued device, and to override some of the school settings. Our desire is that Securly is another tool for GRCS to partner with parents to increase communication between home and school as well as between parent and child.

Click here to view Securly Parent User Guide.




Sheila VanderWoude, Director of Technology


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