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Environmental Program

The environmental program at Rockford Christian is a unique learning experience for 5th and 6th grade students featuring a theme-based curriculum focused on environmental issues and taught from a distinctly Christian perspective.


The Curriculum

The curriculum is based on the Michigan Core Curriculum Standards and Benchmarks for 5th and 6th grades and organized around these core themes: Journeys, Diversity, Our Changing World, Winter Adventure, Small World, and Going to the Hills.

In each theme students explore Bible knowledge, math and science, language arts and social studies, as well as fine arts and practical arts. They participate in year-long projects, such as monitoring wetland areas, creating habitats, constructing scaled maps, and making observations in their personal "God's acre." They use technology where it enhances the learning experience.

We maximize students' learning experiences by putting into practice the best of what we know about learning and learners. Student will also demonstrate what they have learned in a variety of ways.

The Location

GRCS Environmental Program is housed on Rockford Christian's campus. Students will spend much of their time within the natural setting at Camp Roger and in other locations in Cannon Township.

The Students

The Environmental Program is designed as a two-year 5th/6th grade experience. Students who have an interest and love for nature, who are inspired by it, and who learn best through hands-on interaction with a natural environment will do well in this type of setting.

The Tuition

Tuition is the same as other Grand Rapids Christian Schools. Financial assistance is available.

Our Core Belief

God created the world and found it to be very good. God crowned His work with the creation of human beings made in His image and gave them the responsibility to care for the earth.

Sin destroyed that wholeness and perfection, and ever since the fall, human beings have struggled with caring for that world.

Through the work of redemption, Christ reclaimed the world.

As children of God it is our task to reclaim and renew the world as instruments of the Creator, caring for it as God would care, until that day when the whole world is made perfect again.

Through renewal and transformation we bring thanks and praise to our Creator and Redeemer.


First page of the PDF file: RCSEnvironmentalBrochure


  • Comprehensive, standards-based curriculum, which takes advantage of how students learn best.

  • Full range of extra-curricular opportunities, such as band, orchestra, sports, and other activities.

  • An emphasis on teaching students how to become responsible stewards of God's creation and challenging them to discover ways to renew this world.

  • Integrated thematic instruction focused on the environment, featuring hands-on learning experiences within a natural setting.

  • Year-long projects such as monitoring environmental conditions in a wetland area, constructing scaled maps of areas being studies, making observations within their own "God's acre."



Ben Buursma, Principal

Linda Vellenga, Director of Admissions



6060 Belding Road
Rockford, MI 49341

Phone: 616.574.6400
Fax:  616.574.6410