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Spanish Immersion

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For over ten years, students have been uniquely prepared to achieve success in school and life through enrollment in our Spanish Immersion program.

Students receive instruction in Spanish and learn to read, write, and speak in Spanish. They are taught a parallel curriculum and are held to the same standards as their peers in the non-immersion program.

With over 350 students, our total immersion program begins in preschool and kindergarten and progresses through the eighth grade. The Spanish Immersion program continues at Grand Rapids Christian High School, including exciting opportunities for travel, internships, and worship, as well as a partnership with Calvin University which allows students to begin working toward a Spanish minor already in high school!


Spanish Immersion(SI) at GRCS is more than a language program. We strive for our students to authentically connect with the broader world that exists all around them and to see God at work in all communities. Therefore, SI at GRCS will develop students who are prepared to be...

Culturally Competent — build deep cross-cultural understandings and appreciation for differing cultures.

Communicators and Collaborators — use their bilingual skills to work in a global environment, articulate ideas, and consider multiple viewpoints.

Thoughtful Neighbors — live out empathy and compassion for those in the Hispanic/Latino community, both locally and globally.

Justice Seekers — use their second language to actively pursue greater wholeness in the Spanish-speaking world by using their voice to influence change for the marginalized.

Creative Solution Finders — use their bilingual skills to identify issues, engage in critical thinking, and persistently work toward solutions.

Lifelong Explorers — live a life of discovery and wonder in God’s world with a passion for the people, places, and stories of the Hispanic/Latino community.

Disciples of Christ — humbly partner with and serve the Hispanic/Latino community by following Christ’s example.

Plan and Program Overview

"We are just totally excited about what has happened when our children have come to Spanish Immersion at GRCS. Not only are they proficient in English, they are proficient in Spanish as well. They have a sophisticated awareness about culture and have a multicultural competence as a result of participating in this program."

Khary Bridgewater (Middle school and elementary Spanish Immersion parent)

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Spanish Immersion Program Contacts

Elementary Coordinator

Vanessa Abreu

Middle School Coordinator

Brooke Elenbaas

High School Coordinator 

Liz Vrooman

Admissions Contacts

Elementary School

Jessie Renz

Middle School

Linda Vellenga

High School

Vickie Fischer