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Spanish Immersion

Spanish Immersion at Grand Rapids Christian is a full immersion program -100% Spanish.  Teachers use English to ensure each child's emotional, physical, and spiritual development and well-being. As students advance through the Spanish Immersion Program, English Language Arts is introduced as follows:

  • Preschool: 100% Spanish
  • Kindergarten: 100% Spanish
  • 1st grade: 100% Spanish
  • 2nd grade: 30 minutes/day language arts in English
  • 3rd grade: 45 minutes/day language arts in English
  • 4th grade: 1 hour/day language arts in English


Through a faith-based education, students in Spanish Immersion:

  • Attain mastery of Grand Rapids Christian Schools grade level curricular standards and benchmarks
  • Achieve functional proficiency in Spanish
  • Develop strong English literacy skills
  • Foster cross-cultural understanding
  • Actively participate in the Hispanic community
  • Be encouraged to be actively engaged in God's Kingdom by being Christian disciples.


Students are immersed in Spanish from preschool through 6th grade, followed by the opportunity to maintain Spanish language skills in 7th grade through high school.  Enrolling students in Spanish Immersion requires parents to be committed to the Spanish Immersion program at Grand Rapids Christian Schools through the 6th grade.

Kindergarten - 4th Grade

Students are taught core subjects in Spanish.  Formal English Language Arts learning begins in 2nd grade and grows gradually each year thereafter. 

Co-curricular classes such as music, art & physical education are taught in English.

Immersion students also have a course each year that focuses specifically on Spanish grammar as well as the culture of other Spanish-speaking countries.

5th Grade

Students remain in the same homeroom as a clam with a native Spanish-speaker.  Science, Math and Bible are all taught in Spanish.

Students also have an English-speaking teacher for Social Studies and English Language Arts.  

Immersion students have a Spanish Language Arts class two times per week with a focus on Spanish grammar and literature.

6th Grade

Students are placed in homeroom classes with English-speaking classmates, further facilitating their social development while continuing their language development. 

Social Studies and Bible are taught separately, in Spanish by a native speaker, to the immersion cohort. 

Students also attend Spanish Language Arts classes two times per week.

7th & 8th Grade

Students enter the Secondary Continuing Immersion Program where the focus is to build communication skills and academic vocabulary. 

Immersion students receive Spanish instruction in Social Studies at both the 7th and 8th grade levels as well as Spanish Language Arts classes two times per week. 

The rest of the day immersion students attend classes combined with their English-speaking classmates.

High School

Spanish Immersion students are able to participate in other language classes (French, German, Mandarin or Latin). 

GRCHS will offer advanced Spanish courses that will allow Immersion students to continue to deepen their knowledge and grow their proficiency in the language.



Sara Seth, Spanish Immersion Coordinator

Michelle Ogdahl, Director of Admissions (Preschool - 4th)

Linda Vellenga, Director of Admissions (5th - 8th)


1050 Iroquois Drive SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Phone: 616.574.6500
Fax:  616.574.6510