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Student Support Services

Grand Rapids Christian Schools seeks to support and celebrate the gifts and abilities of all learners.    Because of our commitment to ensure academic, social, and spiritual growth for all students, Grand Rapids Christian Schools offers Student Support Services for those learners who may benefit from additional support in meeting their individual goals.  

Student Support Services provides support for students in order that they may reach their full academic and social potential. We offer comprehensive programming which includes Educational Support Services, Inclusion Services, and services for students with academic talents.

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Our Vision

Grand Rapids Christian Schools Support Services staff seeks to partner with staff and parents in providing targeted support and instruction to students with unique learning needs so that each learner who is created in the image of our Heavenly Father will grow spiritually, academically, and socially as a servant of Christ.


Grand Rapids Christian Schools Support Services staff is committed to:

  • Remaining knowledgeable, highly-educated, and recognized as experts by parents, colleagues, and members of the broader community.

  • Approaching our jobs with vibrancy and dedication so that, as a unified team of coordinators and paraprofessionals, we go above and beyond what is expected in order to provide the best possible educational experience for all learners.

  • Striving to be Christian servant leaders who nurture the faith development of all students.

  • Seeking to create an environment that nurtures the whole child in which all learners feel safe and accepted.

  • Providing effective, targeted instruction to meet the unique needs of all learners in order that they may become self-directed Christian servants.

  • Supporting frequent and effective communication among parents, staff and students, intentionally building relationships that promote collaborative partnerships.


Academic Interventions

At Grand Rapids Christian Schools, we understand that each learner is unique. We provide support for the strengths and struggles that each student brings to the learning environment.  A deep understanding of each student allows us to tailor our instruction in order to provide targeted intervention, remediation, and accommodation as needed.  By utilizing a multi-tiered system of support, our general education and Support Services staff are able provide early effective intervention to students who are having difficulty meeting academic benchmarks.  Using achievement data, students who demonstrate difficulties are identified early, provided with interventions, and monitored frequently for adequate progress.

Depending on a student’s response to receiving these targeted interventions, he or she may be formally evaluated to determine if there is a specific learning or other disability present.  These students may then benefit from additional intervention, increased instructional support, remediation, and/or educational accommodations.

Each of Grand Rapids Christian Schools’ five campuses is served by an Academic Intervention Coordinator who is responsible for collaborating with general education staff to ensure that the educational goals for all students who receive additional support, remediation, and accommodations are fully met.  In addition, we are blessed to have many staff members on our Support Services team who are hired as support aides to assist students within the general education classroom or in small-group instructional settings.

Inclusion Services

We strongly desire Grand Rapids Christian Schools to be an inclusive community reflective of God’s Kingdom.  We provide individualized services to learners of differing abilities.  Students who have moderate to severe physical, cognitive, and/or emotional challenges are valued members of our school communities. 

As full members of general education classrooms, these students also receive additional support from inclusion staff who ensure that the appropriate accommodations and/or modifications needed for a successful school experience are provided.  

Each of Grand Rapids Christian Schools’ five campuses is served by an Inclusion Coordinator who is responsible for facilitating the educational plans of all students who receive inclusion services.  In addition, we are blessed to have many staff members on our Support Services team who are hired as inclusion aides to assist students in working toward their educational goals.

Sensory Integration Services

Difficulty processing or tolerating sensory information is a characteristic that may be displayed by some students who have autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, behavior disorders, anxiety, and/or issues with developmental coordination.  Sensory-based therapy can be used as one component of a comprehensive treatment plan. 

For students who present with diagnosed sensory-based difficulties, we offer sensory instruction using brushes, swings, balls, and other specially designed equipment to provide vestibular, proprioceptive, auditory, and tactile inputs which can help to organize the sensory pathways.

Evaluation Services

It is our desire to deeply understand a student’s learning profile so that we are able to best serve each unique learner.  Using a collaborative approach, we meet as teams of parents, teachers, Support Services staff, and other professionals to determine if there is a need to move ahead with a comprehensive psychological evaluation for a student. 

We work closely with the licensed psychologists of the Christian Learning Center Network as well as several other area psychology offices to better understand the profile of a student’s learning strengths and weaknesses through an in-depth and multiple-perspective evaluation process.

A list of service providers is available through each campus' Educational Support Services (ESS) or Inclusion Coordinator.

School Social Work Services

School social work support is available to all students to promote educational success by helping students navigate the social and emotional challenges that arise throughout elementary, middle and high school. There are two GRCS Social Workers who work at different campuses. Grace Boyle is at Rockford Christian and Grand Rapids Christian Elementary Schools (Iroquois and Evergreen campuses) and Casey McMahon is at Grand Rapids Christian Middle and High School.  

The school social workers provide a range of interventions that are offered systematically and based on student needs. These services include consulting with school staff about student concerns, developing and implementing interventions to increase academic engagement, assisting students in crisis situations, providing preventative presentations to classrooms, and meeting with students one-on-one or in groups to help process various challenges in a safe and supportive environment. Parents and guardians of students who receive school social work services benefit from an open line of communication with the school social worker in order to monitor and advance student progress. 

While school social workers are unable to provide intensive therapy, a facet of the role includes communicating with counselors/therapists who provide therapy to students outside of school.  If a student has a significant area of concern beyond the scope of a school social worker, families will be connected with resources in the community.

Contact Grace Boyle at and Casey McMahon at

Additional Services

Speech and Language Services,  Occupational and Physical Therapy,  Audiology and Vision Services.

As required by the State of Michigan, students who qualify for these services through the public school IEP process are served on our GRCS campuses by itinerant staff from Grand Rapids Public and Rockford Public Schools.  We respect and value the collaborative relationship we have with the public school professionals who provide these supplemental services to our students.




Kim Primus, Director of Inclusion


Building Principals K-8

For questions regarding Academic Intervention for grades K-8, please contact the building principal for more information.

Nick DeKoster, Director of Academic and Innovative Programs