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Evergreen Principal's Corner

Anne Bakker

Anne Bakker


The STEAM Museum came to Evergreen Monday!

Evergreen students grades K-5 had the opportunity to participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math activities through a variety of fun activities such as STEAM Pinball, the Music Machine, Structures and Gears, and Robotics.  It was exciting to watch students actively participate in these activities!

Three things really stood out to me.

First, Evergreen students love to learn. The children eagerly engaged in activities and explored new ways to do things at the various stations.  

Second, Evergreen parents are quick to volunteer. Six parents spent the day at Evergreen interacting with students as they worked at the various STEAM stations.

Third, we are part of a neighborhood community. Students, teachers, and the principal from Mulick Park School came to Evergreen to participate in the STEAM Museum.  

It was a good day!

-Ann Bakker


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