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Evergreen Principal's Corner

Evergreen's Principal Corner – February 6, 2024

Comparison, intersection, mandorla—the captivating space where two circles gracefully overlap. Herein lies the essence of our familiar 100YR logo, inviting us to revel in the beauty of the "here and now." Here, we think back on joys, challenges, mistakes, and growth from our past while eagerly anticipating the unfolding excitement of the future.

This past weekend transported me to the familiar seasonal experience so prevalent in West Michigan—a tapestry of blue sky, the sun's warmth, a chorus of birds. A delightful experience indeed! It may not mirror the exhilaration of last summer, nor does it capture the allure of the approaching spring. Yet, within this in-between lies a unique joy.

On Wednesday, March 20, we will celebrate the joy of the in-between at the Eagles Always Rise dinner. What a special opportunity to glance back at the past century and gaze forward to what lies ahead. Gratitude fills both spaces, and we invite you to partake in this celebration.

Your presence would be a delight. Kindly confirm your attendance using this link. Looking forward to sharing this moment with you.

In Christ,

Graham Schultze
Graham Schultze

Graham Schultze

Grand Rapids Christian
Elementary School
Evergreen Campus


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