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Evergreen Principal's Corner

Need I even say it? We’re just a handful of days away from summer break! We have the opportunity now to look back on yet another school year. In doing so, I’d like to leave families with an image from chapel a few weeks ago. To me, and I trust to you as well, it summarizes a year in which we returned to many of the beautiful multiage experiences that make Evergreen so special. 

Four Team 3ers stood in the front of the gym as they awaited the start of the music. All eyes were on them, all ears tuned to the first notes of the song. From the back of the room, I had a front row seat to the preschoolers’ reaction to this scene. Like many other students in the room, a particular preschooler was enamored by it all. 

By the start of the second chorus, this three-year-old had somehow learned all of the dance’s motions. With joy in his eyes, he matched the Team 3ers the best he could. The seven-year gap between the students was no hindrance to the connection of this special moment…and as I looked around the gym, I realized the preschooler was not the only quick-learner! Multiple students from all teams were following along, praising the Lord through a newly learned dance. 

Perhaps many of them resonated with the words. Perhaps you do, too. It’s been a great year but it has not been void of challenges. Weary Traveler, along with the accompanying motions, reminded us of the hope and help we have in Christ: 

Weary traveler, restless soul
You were never meant to walk this road alone
It'll all be worth it so just hold on
Weary traveler, you won't be weary long
I am so grateful that our wonderful students have a safe, rich, and loving environment in which to thrive. Evergreen’s family-feel culture, small-size, and commitment to multiage and inquiry-based learning set a powerful stage. Thank you for making that stage come alive by trusting us with your precious children. 

Thank you for dancing through this 2021-22 school year. 

— Graham Schultze
Evergreen Campus Principal

Graham Schultze

Graham Schultze

Grand Rapids Christian
Elementary School
Evergreen Campus


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