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Evergreen Principal's Corner

Evergreen's Principal Corner –April 9, 2024

My son and I recently took a four-mile bike ride to church. When we ride together, he sits astride a seat that attaches between my bike’s seat and the handlebars. This is excellent positioning in regard to our ability to converse, our faces just a foot or so apart. At our halfway mark, I explained how we had already traveled the same distance as our regular rides to school, but that we had two more miles ahead before arriving at church. His reply struck me: “Two places for worship! Church and school.”

Already in preschool, our students are recognizing the call to worship that we experience not only on weekends at church, but daily at school. From the very beginning, students are presented with Christ’s power through the Bible’s narrative, through the lyrics of songs, and through gracious interactions with classmates and teachers. As we pedaled on and I had the joy of listening to my son draw connections between church and school. 

We’re approaching the finish line of this school year — what might your child might say when asked what he or she has learned about Christ this year? Every school year presents its highs and lows, and your children have navigated them with loving classmates and teachers at their sides. Perhaps on an excursion of your own, you might inquire how they have learned to worship the God who orchestrates solar eclipses, who creates trees to slowly explode into bloom, and who taught us how to live through Jesus’ example here on earth. 

Thank you for your investment in a Christ-centered education. 

Graham Schultze
Graham Schultze

Graham Schultze

Grand Rapids Christian
Elementary School
Evergreen Campus


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