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Evergreen Principal's Corner

Dear Evergreen Families,

Thank you to families, students, and staff for a great start to the school year! Today, I’m asking that you assist us with a few updated protocols during drop off and pick up times.

  • The car line works the most smoothly if cars stay in the line, and students get out of the car and walk to the building. 
  • If you choose to park and walk your child to the door, please wait until all cars have stopped moving before walking across the parking lot to escort your child to the building. 
  • Also, I’m asking that all parents and other caregivers wear a mask if they are out of cars on school property — so, please mask up if you park and walk your child to the building. 

Thanks for working with us!

Ann Bakker
Anne Bakker

Ann Bakker

Grand Rapids Christian
Elementary School
Evergreen Campus


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