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Evergreen Principal's Corner

What makes Grand Rapids Christian Schools distinct?  

Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School, Evergreen Campus is a distinctly Christian School.  Everything that we teach and learn at Evergreen is done through the lens of our Christian faith.  Last year each element of the Portrait of a Graduate was shared in the Principal’s Corner.  

The Portrait of a Graduate elements are distinct to Grand Rapids Christian Schools and they deepen our understanding of what it means to be effective servants of Christ in contemporary society.

What makes Evergreen distinct within the Grand Rapids Christian Schools?

At Evergreen, we are distinctly Christian.  We also teach and learn through the lens of Inquiry learning. Last June the Evergreen teachers were together the day after school dismissed for the summer to study and explore the Shared Inquiry Model developed by the Great Books Foundation.  A consultant from the Great Books Foundation spent the day with us on June 20.  The Evergreen staff, including two of our new teachers Hannah Warren and Joni Bolt, learned how to lead a student-driven shared inquiry discussion.

This school year the Evergreen staff members will read and study The Curious Classroom by Harvey “Smokey” Daniels. From the Introduction to the book: “What is inquiry? It’s building instruction out of children’s curiosity, rather than from a textbook. It’s an active, lively classroom where children make choices and take responsibility for their learning. It’s backed by research, and it promotes deep student engagement.”  

This month we are reading, studying, and exploring Chapter 1, Demonstrate Your Own Curiosity. Evergreen teachers are passionate about learning and are eager to share their learning.  This month we will share with students our out-of-school lives, the books we are reading, and how to take a risk.  We will also demonstrate inquiry as a faculty team.

Watch for the Principal’s Corner on the first Tuesday of each month to discover the different ways that we are implementing Inquiry learning at Evergreen.

—Ann Bakker

Anne Bakker

Ann Bakker

Grand Rapids Christian
Elementary School
Evergreen Campus


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