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Grand Rapids Christian High School Principal's Corner

Brad Mockabee


Communicators and Collaborators

Thank you for your patience as we have navigated this strange, Michigan weather. I pray that you have stayed safe and warm during this time away. When we finally get back to school, we may have to relearn each other's names!

At GRCS, we are working to produce students who are "communicators and collaborators." Our students will be prepared to work in a team environment, articulate ideas, and consider multiple viewpoints.

One of the places where we can be intentional about this important work is in our small groups, which meet regularly before chapel. Our small groups are made up of one adult and roughly 10 students from various grades.

This past week we discussed why this might be important. The purpose statements below were created by the GRCHS Christian Formation Committee and have been affirmed by our students.

  1. Every student is known by and connected to a group of peers and an adult. Students grow in their relationships with each other and have fun together.
  2. Share joys and concerns, pray for each other, and grow in our faith.
  3. A safe place for students to discuss issues in our school and community that are relevant to young people. At times, these discussions may relate to chapel.
  4. A safe place for students and staff to hear different perspectives and to learn how to disagree with each other in a way that honors God.
  5. Discuss school business and get student feedback (Eagle Way, announcements, celebrations...).

Please pray with us that strong bonds would be formed so that each student grows in their relationship with Jesus and feels connected here at GRCHS!

-Brad Mockabee


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