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GRCHS Eagle Way

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Our Christian school culture is special and unique; it gives purpose to the educational environment within which we seek to accomplish our mission. In order to accomplish our mission of preparing students to be servants of Christ in contemporary society, our students must remain teachable by learning and practicing behaviors that align to the mission and values of our school. Our actions demonstrate our alignment to the “heart” of our school; The Eagle Way.

A student leading an Eagle Way life seeks to live up to the expectations of these essential elements within our Grand Rapids Christian Schools’ set of Core Values:

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HONOR GOD - They seek to glorify God in daily decisions and actions in all things in order to fulfill the vision He has placed before us.

INTEGRITY - They strive to be honest and strong in character, recognizing that dishonesty is a pathway to a stressful and destructive environment.


EXCELLENCE - They use their God-given gifts to be the very best they can be by being lifelong, active learners. By thinking critically and creatively, they strive to be knowledgeable in a broad range of disciplines. They practice self-management in their academics.

EXPLORE - They take advantage of opportunities to explore new roles and ideas. They are driven to acquire skills to be an active participant in their learning and use the opportunities available to grow and take risks as an independent learner. They persevere in difficult situations. They have a growth mindset, which drives their motivation and achievement.

BALANCED - They maintain balance across all disciplines in and out of school, seeking to find emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual well being.

RESPONSIBLE - They take responsibility for their own actions and accept the consequences that accompany them. They are organized and prepared, are on time, and follow directions. They are accountable for self and help hold others accountable to the same standard.


COMMUNICATE & COLLABORATE - They understand and express ideas articulately, professionally and respectfully. They work  effectively and willingly with others.

HONOR & CELEBRATE - They are thoughtful, compassionate, and considerate towards the needs, values, traditions and  feelings of others; intentionally acting to make a positive difference in one’s own life, the lives of others and their surroundings. They understand and appreciate their own and other’s cultures, personal stories, and accomplishments.


COMMUNITY - They show devotion to their fellow students, teachers, local community, the world and the environment. They lead by example.


MINDSET OF CHRIST - They have a heart for service - a willingness to reach out to others and share each other’s burdens.  They show compassion, kindness, and love to their neighbor. They follow the example of Christ and routinely put others before themselves.