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High School Academics and Curriculum

Grand Rapids Christian High School provides strong preparation for college and career. Our rigorous curriculum includes math, science, English, social science, foreign language, religion, art, music, computer training, physical education, business education, applied technology, and family and consumer sciences - all taught from a reformed Christian perspective.

Grand Rapids Christian High School is committed to an academic program that integrates the nurturing of faith and a Christian worldview throughout the curriculum. Accredited since 1926, the school offers a robust, liberal arts-based curriculum that has expanded recently to include the common core state standards.

We believe that the high school curriculum ought to be one of exploration as well as focus on mastery. The curriculum of Grand Rapids Christian High School provides a broad selection of elective classes as well as core subjects. Requiring a full four years of high school will help assure both breadth and depth in the student’s high school experience.

Teachers at Grand Rapids Christian High School are highly qualified for their positions. Many teachers hold a master’s degree in their discipline, and they:

  • Hold current State of Michigan teacher certification
  • Hold credentials as being highly qualified in their teaching assignments
  • Fulfill their continuing professional development expectations for the State of Michigan and Grand Rapids Christian Schools
  • Develop annual professional goals and professional learning plans 

Grand Rapids Christian High teachers are committed to providing every student with an intentionally Christian, academically excellent education. Most of our faculty members have at least a master's degree, and the rest are working towards one. Our teachers continue their education through graduate course work, in-service training, conventions, conferences, and mini-grants.  

We expect our students to demonstrate knowledge of our Christian perspective and use this understanding as they are challenged to make decisions, raise questions, and examine real-life problems through the curriculum. We also expect students to be active participants in their learning, giving their best efforts toward developing a strong academic background for using their God-given potential to transform God’s world.  

The Grand Rapids Christian High School Curriculum Guide will help you gain a solid understanding of the course offerings and policies at Grand Rapids Christian High School.



First page of the PDF file: 18-19_GRCHS_SchoolProfile


  • Students must complete four full years of high school studies. Ordinarily, the senior year must be completed at Grand Rapids Christian High School. Early completion of high school is not an option, regardless of credits earned in excess of the minimum requirements. A minimum of one full year at Grand Rapids Christian High School is required for a Grand Rapids Christian High School diploma.
  • GRCHS students must earn .50 Winterim credits per year as a graduation requirement. These Winterim courses will not count toward fulfilling non-Winterim graduation requirements.
  • Beginning with the class of 2021, students who pass 7th and 8th grade Spanish at Grand Rapids Christian Middle will receive high school credit for Spanish I.
  • All students must complete the following designated curricular requirements in order to earn a Grand Rapids Christian High School diploma.
  • Students must take 24 credits and 2 Winterim credits
    • BIBLE AND THEOLOGY – 4 semesters
    • ENGLISH – 8 semesters
    • ELECTIVES – 8 semesters
    • MATHEMATICS – 8 semesters
    • SCIENCE – 6 semesters
    • SOCIAL STUDIES – 6 semesters
    • WORLD LANGUAGE – 4 semesters


  • The requirements for this diploma are the same as for a Grand Rapids Christian High School diploma with these exceptions:
  • There is not a limit to the number of credits earned in modified courses.
  • With prior approval, courses may be omitted from the normal subject distribution requirement based on individual student programming.


  1. Counselors will meet with students to select courses in the winter/spring of each school year.
  2. Course requests will be honored to the extent possible.  Students will be asked to choose alternate courses in the event of a conflict, or the class is not offered due to low enrollment numbers.
  3. Students will have a drop/add process at the beginning of each semester, but choices may be limited due to class size restriction. A form must be completed stating the course request change and the reason for making the request.
  4. Please know that our master schedule is based solely on the original course choices of our students.  Course changes after our master schedule is made cannot be guaranteed.


  • In grades 9 through 12, all students must take a minimum of 3 hours of credit per semester. Students in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades are to be supervised in class the entire school day.
  • Parents of seniors may request a parent-excused hour for their student.
  • Kent Career Technical Center, Kent Transition Center or Early College students must take a minimum of 1.5 hours of credit at Grand Rapids Christian High concurrent with the off-campus classes.


  1. Adding/Dropping Courses - Students may not add or switch courses after the three days of instruction. Courses may be dropped without academic penalty until the fourth week of the semester.
  2. Credit Recovery - A student who is deficient in credits may take courses from another approved school.
  3. Replacement Credit - 
    • In order to receive replacement credit, the course must be retaken within one year.
    • Replacement courses may only be taken if the original grade was C+ or lower, and with permission by an administrator.
    • After a replacement course has been completed an R (meaning replacement) will appear on the transcript in place of the previous grade. (the C+ or lower) If the class was taken at Grand Rapids Christian High School, the new grade will appear on the transcript. If the class was taken elsewhere, the replacement grade will not appear on the transcript. A copy of the transcript from the school where the course was completed will be included with the transcript from GRCHS.
  4. Kent Career Technical Center and Kent Transition Center - Students who desire to participate in Technical Center or Transition Center programs must work out their schedules and programs with their counselor. These programs are considered to be auxiliary programs available to all area high schools. Since neither Kent Career Technical Center, nor Kent Transition Center are a credit-granting institution, all participants must be enrolled in and attend classes at GRCHS.
  5. Transfer Students/Outside Credits - Transfer students’ academic status will be determined upon enrollment at Grand Rapids Christian High School.  Academic records from previous schools will be used for placement and graduation requirement decisions.  However, courses, credits, and grades from other schools will not appear on a GRCHS transcript. In addition, grades from outside schools will not be used to calculate the student’s final GPA. The student’s GRCHS transcript will consist of coursework, credits, and grades completed at GRCHS.


Dual Enrollment

  • High school credit is given for dual enrollment courses, however they will not be recorded on the GRCHS transcript.
  • A student who wishes to take dual enrollment courses, for which the school does not offer an equivalent course, must submit a written request signed by their parent/guardian.
  • This request needs to include the reason for the request and a brief description of the course(s) to be taken.
  • Final approval must be obtained from their counselor and/or principal.
  • To qualify for State reimbursement, a student is required to be enrolled full time at GRCHS.
  • See the Counseling Department website at for complete details. Paper copies are available through the Counseling Office.

Independent Study

  • When a student is enrolled on a regular basis at Grand Rapids Christian High School:
    • Independent studies is offered on an exception basis only. Ordinarily, the only reason for an independent study is a scheduling conflict.
    • No credit for independent study will be granted without prior approval from the high
    • school counselor.
    • Usually a maximum of one course (0.5 credit) per semester is allowed as an independent study for a student.
    • An independent study must a GRCHS course and be supervised by a GRCHS teacher.  
  • When a student is unable to take courses on Grand Rapids Christian High School's campus:
    • Arrangements can be made to take core coursework only. These arrangements must be made in advance through the high school counselor.
    • Credit will be granted only if the study is conducted under the jurisdiction of a recognized online high school program or by a Grand Rapids Christian High School teacher.
    • Credit for an independent study will be awarded on a pass/fail basis. No letter grade will be awarded for use in the student’s cumulative GPA.
    • A flat fee of $350.00 will be assessed for each semester course (.5 credit).
    • Under these arrangements, no more than four credits will be granted to any student.


Grade Point Average (GPA) values are based on the semester grade given for all completed courses.  Advanced Placement Courses will have a weighted GPA formula. Credits from other schools will not be calculated into the student’s final GPA or appear on the final transcript from GRCHS.

A 4.0 5.0 93-100
A- 3.67 4.67 90-92
B+ 3.33 4.33 87-89
B 3.0 4.0 83-86
B- 2.67 3.67 80-82
C+ 2.33 3.33 77-79
C 2.0 3.0 73-76
C- 1.67 2.67 70-72
D+ 1.33 2.33 67-69
D 1.0 2.0 63-66
D- 0.67 1.67 60-62
E 0.0 0.0 00-59



College-bound student-athletes must meet a core-course progression requirement to be eligible to compete in the initial year of full-time enrollment at an NCAA Division I and Division II school. Please see your counselor for information on course requirements, Core GPA and Test Scores. Additional eligibility information is available at


Students must have earned the majority of credits through seven semesters at Grand Rapids Christian High School
Students must be full-time students each semester of high school.                             

  • Highest Honors: 3.95 and higher
  • High Honors: 3.85 – 3.94
  • Honors: 3.70 – 3.84


Please see the Advanced Placement section for more information.


Working Together for Excellence

The mission of the Grand Rapids Christian High School Academic Boosters Club is to recognize and encourage academic excellence in students as they strive to use their God-given talents fully in service to Him.

Academic Boosters Club Cumulative G.P.A. Awards
3.9 – 4.0 Academic Excellence 
3.7 – 3.899 Academic Honor

Academic Boosters Club invites students who qualify for the Academic Honor or Academic Excellence awards to attend the Annual Academic Awards program (held each year in the spring) with their families and friends.

Support & Serve

The Academic Boosters Club invites you to become a supporter of its efforts through your financial assistance and/or by volunteering your time. This enables us to continue promoting academic excellence at Grand Rapids Christian High School. Checks can be made payable to “GRCHS Academic Boosters Club” or you can give to support academic excellence online.  If you are interested in serving as a member of the Academic Boosters Club, please contact us at:

Academic Boosters Club
Grand Rapids Christian High School
2300 Plymouth SE 
Grand Rapids, MI 49506 



Brad Mockabee, Principal

Vickie Fischer, Director of Admissions

Nick DeKoster, Director of Academic and Innovative Programs



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