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High School Academics and Curriculum

Grand Rapids Christian High School provides strong preparation for college and career. Our rigorous curriculum includes math, science, English, social science, foreign language, religion, art, music, computer training, physical education, business education, applied technology, and family and consumer sciences — all taught from a reformed Christian perspective.

Grand Rapids Christian High School is committed to an academic program that integrates the nurturing of faith and a Christian worldview throughout the curriculum. Accredited since 1926, the school offers a robust, liberal arts-based curriculum that has expanded recently to include the common core state standards.

We believe that the high school curriculum ought to be one of exploration as well as focus on mastery. The curriculum of Grand Rapids Christian High School provides a broad selection of elective classes as well as core subjects. Requiring a full four years of high school will help assure both breadth and depth in the student’s high school experience.

Teachers at Grand Rapids Christian High School are highly qualified for their positions. Many teachers hold a master’s degree in their discipline, and they:

  • Hold current State of Michigan teacher certification
  • Hold credentials as being highly qualified in their teaching assignments
  • Fulfill their continuing professional development expectations for the State of Michigan and Grand Rapids Christian Schools
  • Develop annual professional goals and professional learning plans 


Grand Rapids Christian High teachers are committed to providing every student with an intentionally Christian, academically excellent education. Most of our faculty members have at least a master's degree, and the rest are working towards one. Our teachers continue their education through graduate course work, in-service training, conventions, conferences, and mini-grants.  

We expect our students to demonstrate knowledge of our Christian perspective and use this understanding as they are challenged to make decisions, raise questions, and examine real-life problems through the curriculum. We also expect students to be active participants in their learning, giving their best efforts toward developing a strong academic background for using their God-given potential to transform God’s world.  

The Grand Rapids Christian High School Curriculum Guide will help you gain a solid understanding of the course offerings and policies at Grand Rapids Christian High School.

GRCHS Curriculum Guide





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