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High School Counseling Department

The Grand Rapids Christian High School Counselors are here to serve students and parents to ensure a positive experience academically and socially at GRCHS. 

Counselors meet with students regularly throughout the course of their high school careers, and are here to support students for whatever needs may arise.

GRCHS Counseling Staff

Counselor Assignments, 2019-2020

CLASS YEAR 2023 (9th) 2022 (10th) 2021 (11th) 2020 (12)
Mrs. Wallace A-G A-G A-G A-G
Mrs. Hartman H-M H-Q H-Q H-Q
Mr. Grasmeyer N-Z R-Z R-Z R-S

*Mrs. Joelle Williams is the GRCHS counselor/advisor to all students in the International Student Program.

The Counseling Department at GRCHS

Who We Are — Meet the Staff

Counseling Office Staff

Mr. Martin Grasmeyer 2018

Mr. Martin Grasmeyer

Director of Guidance

Mrs. Renee Hartman 2018

Mrs. Renee Hartman


Mrs. Trisha Wallace 2018

Mrs. Trisha Wallace


Mrs. Casey McMahon 2018

Mrs. Casey MacMahon

Social Worker

Mrs. Elizabeth Decker 2018

Mrs. Elizabeth Decker

Counseling Office Assistant

Joelle Williams

Mrs. Joelle Williams

What We Do

Counselors will initiate contact with students regarding the following:

  • Yearly course selections, including necessary schedule adjustments
  • Academic problems upon referral from parents, teachers, or students
  • Non-academic problems relating to attendance, discipline, etc., upon referral from administration, parents, or students
  • Counselors will respond to requests from students, parents, and teachers in dealing with personal conflicts or concerns and make referrals if necessary.

Counselors will communicate with students and parents regarding college admissions, admissions testing, and financial aid information in the following ways:

  • Home and counselor bulletins
  • Morning announcements
  • Email and letters to parents
  • Group meetings
  • Individual meetings
  • Counseling Department web page

Counselor Connections by Grade Level

Counselors are involved with students in the following ways to provide resources for career and college preparedness:

10th Grade

  • Students take the PSAT (optional, taken in Oct.) and PLAN (practice for the ACT with career/interest survey) in the spring.
  • Counselors review results of the PLAN with students.
  • Counselors also introduce students to SCOIR – an easy-to-use web application that will help guide students’ academic, and career and college choices, as well as provide them with opportunities for self exploration.

11th Grade

  • Counselors review results of the PSAT (optional, taken in Oct.) and ACT test scores including career/interest survey results.
  • Counselors further acquaint students with SCOIR, an online college and career information and planning tool.
  • Counselors inform juniors and parents about the Michigan Merit Exam to be taken in March.
  • During the Junior year there are three open events for students and parents: Junior Parent Night, Exploring College Options, and College Financing Night.

12th Grade

  • Senior Year Plan – checking deadlines and applications for post high school opportunities.
  • Seniors are asked to track all college and scholarship applications through SCOIR.
  • Transcripts must also be requested through SCOIR.


News from the Counseling Office


How We Can Help

Junior Student Parent Counselor Conference
8th Grade High School Advisory Nights



Martin Grasmeyer, Director of Guidance

Renee Hartman, Counselor

Trisha Wallace, Counselor

Casey McMahon, Social Worker

Elizabeth Decker, Assistant


2300 Plymouth Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Phone: 616.574.5650
Fax:  616.574.5510