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AP Students and Parents

AP Students and Parents

As we anticipate the beginning of our new school year, we have some important information for you related to all AP classes. Please read the following carefully since there are processes in place affecting each class.

  • Within the first two days of class, each student will complete an online “enrollment” process for that class. This will be done using the student’s personal College Board account, so it will be essential that each student knows his/her account username and password.
  • IMPORTANT: If a student does not have his/her username and password information, do NOT create another account. The method to retrieve that information will be explained by the teacher.
  • Later in the semester, students will also use an online procedure to indicate whether they intend to take the exam for that course. Related to that, each student must also complete a contract, which includes a required signature by a parent or guardian, for each course. A paper copy of that contract will be provided to each student by the teacher of that course. This decision and the contract must be completed by October 30, 2020.
  • The College Board is planning to return to paper-and-pencil AP exams for May 2021. Although plans are always subject to change, there is no intent to continue with online testing.
  • Students and teachers will have access to many online resources during the school year. These will be part of the instructional plans for each teacher and are designed to help students succeed in the course and with the AP exam at the end of the school year.

We look forward to another successful year with our AP students!