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GRCHS Testing

GRCHS has adopted a one-day Fall & one-day Spring testing schedule in order to best position students for college testing and to be least intrusive to classroom instruction. All School Day testing is free for students and parents. Each test/program on these two dates (Oct. 10 and Mar. 6) are required of all students. Attendance will be taken.

GRCHS 2019-2020 School Day Testing Dates

October 16, 2019: 10th grade Practice ACT (No Writing) & 11th grade PSAT/NMSQT

March 4, 2020: 9th grade PSAT 9; 10th grade PSAT 10l 11th grade SAT (No Writing)

GRCHS School Day Testing Information

Fall Testing

DATE: Wednesday, October 16
  • 9th Grade: no testing (Freshmen Retreat -required)
  • 10th Grade : Self Scored Practice, No Writing ACT
    • *extended time (1 ½ time) available for students who qualify
  • 11th Grade: PSAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test
    • *extended time available for qualifying students
  • 12th Grade: no testing (college visit day)

Please note: 10th and 11th grade testing will conclude before 12:00 and students will be dismissed.

Spring Testing

DATE: Wednesday, March 4
  • 9th Grade: PSAT 9 (Required – free of charge)
    • *no accommodations offered
  • 10th Grade : PSAT 10 (Required — free of charge)
    • *no accommodations offered
  • 11th Grade: Official SAT (Required – new re-designed SAT, free of charge)
    • *Accommodations will be offered to qualifying students
  • 12th Grade: no testing (John Zoerhoff Senior Service Day – required)

Please note: 10th and 11th grade testing will conclude before 12:00 and students will be dismissed.

Optional Testing

The Counseling Office has full-length practice ACT and SAT tests should students decide to take additional practice test. Please see your counselor for a practice test.

Testing FAQs

When are the NATIONAL SAT & ACT TESTING DATES offered and how do I register?

The ACT and SAT are offered on multiple Saturdays every year at GRCHS. Students can register online for the normal fee. Be sure to use the same student account info each time you register.  Registration deadlines are typically at least 1 month prior.  

The GRCHS counseling office will provide the national testing days at the beginning of each school year.  For the most accurate information please visit the following sites:

Students receiving accommodations, please see Mrs. Amy Crow before registering for a National Test.

Do I need to register my student for the October and March SCHOOL DAY TESTING?

No, parents do not need to register students for these tests.  The October and March dates will be organized by GRCHS. Results will be distributed to students and parents through the GRCHS Counseling Office. 

Why did the testing schedule change?

In Spring 2015, the State of Michigan adopted the SAT as the official State standardized test offered to juniors as part of the Michigan Merit Exam. The Michigan Competitive Scholarship is dependent on a score from the SAT.

We think it is important that students have the opportunity to prepare and practice for both the ACT and SAT. The PSAT and Practice ACT are excellent pre-tests for students to get a baseline score for both tests. Students can then pursue either the ACT or SAT for college admissions and scholarship purposes.

What are the differences between the ACT and Re-designed SAT?

Both tests are achievement tests, which seek to measure what a student has learned in high school.

What test should my student take for college requirements and when should they take them?

All colleges accept both the ACT and SAT for college admissions. Colleges do not prefer one test to another test. Colleges will accept the highest score received if students have taken multiple tests. Some things to know:

  • All 11th grade students will take the SAT in March at school for free as an official SAT score.
  • Students may choose to take a NATIONAL ACT or SAT at anytime but it is wise to take the preferred test at least twice BEFORE college applications are due senior year.
  • Counselors recommend every junior take the SAT and ACT at least once before the start of senior year.
  • Students may re-take the tests during junior year or before early college deadlines of senior year.
  • The best window to take these official tests is between January of junior year and October of senior year.
  • Some students choose to retake a test in November or December of senior year for scholarship opportunities or for regular admissions deadlines (since early deadlines have passed).

How can students prepare for these tests?

Counselors will continue to update Test Prep opportunities here.

  • Free Online Support
    • Khan Academy: One of the new changes that came with the Redesigned PSAT and SAT is the College Board’s partnership with Khan Academy. All students can access free practice tests and test preparation materials through Khan Academy simply by creating an account at
    • Free online practice is also available for students taking the ACT at
  • Test Prep during school hours: There are opportunities for students to have free ACT/SAT prep during the school day at GRCHS. Students may talk to their counselors to see if this works in their schedule.
  • Summer Session Test Prep: Week long test prep opportunities are available in June and August before the ACT & SAT Saturday tests. The prep class costs $125.
  • Individual Tutors: There are many individual tutors available in West Michigan. All contacts for recommended tutors on (see below).
  • Workshops: Local workshops are available many times throughout the year at Calvin College, Davenport, and Sylvan Learning Center.

How do I know if my student is eligible to receive test accommodations?

If you have any questions about receiving testing accommodations, please email Amy Crow in the Educational Support Services office at

When will we get scores back for the SCHOOL DAY TESTING?

  • October PSAT – scores will be back in early December
  • All Spring SCHOOL DAY TESTING – scores will be back in April
  • NATIONAL ACT & SAT TESTING – scores come back to students within 2-4 weeks of testing

Counselors will meet with students to review their PSAT scores once they are delivered to GRCHS. Counselors will also provide individual testing plans for each junior during February course registration meetings.

Other questions?

Please feel free to email your student’s counselor with any additional questions.

Download a PDF of

Test Prep Resources

Workshops & Classes

Calvin College
Grand Rapids Sylvan Learning Center
Summer Session @ GRCHS
Classes at GRCHS
  • ACT/SAT Prep class for the 2019-2020 School Year
  • See your counselor to see if this class will fit in your schedule
Jane Parker/Patrick Timmis ACT Tutoring
  • Offers small group instruction on select Saturdays
  • Reviews individual sections of the ACT
  • Contact if interested


ACT Practice
  • Questions are available for free online here
  • Each question includes an answer and full explanation
  • There are also free ACT Practice test in the Counseling Office
SAT Practice
  • The only official SAT Practice is through KHAN ACADEMY
  • Click here to watch a video overview of all SAT practice resources
  • SAT Practice through KHAN ACADEMY is free
  • There are also free SAT Practice tests in the Counseling Office
ACT Online Prep
  • Is now free and included with your test registration!
  • This web-based resource includes practice tests with real ACT test questions; practice essays for the new optional ACT Writing Test, with real-time scoring; comprehensive content review for each of the ACT’s four required tests—English, Math, Reading, and Science.
  • Is a free website on online test prep materials for ACT & SAT.
Varsity Tutors
  • Is a personalized online prep course starting at about $300
  • 1-877-PREPME-4
Method Test Prep
  • Offers online test preparation and includes a fee two-week trial
  • 1-877-871-PREP
Michigan eLibrary
  • Includes free resources to take timed ACT practice tests

Additional resources available here and here.

Individual Tutors

*These individuals have been recommended by previous students, parents or teachers as quality services
Mike Noordijk
Dr. Lawrence Dugan
  • (616) 308-2345
EnCourage Institute for Teaching and Learning
Timely Tutoring