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Transcript Requests

Current Seniors

  • All seniors must request transcripts through their SCOIR account.
  • There is no fee and over 1800 colleges and universities are now accepting transcripts electronically. Any other transcript requests (e.g., NCAA Eligibility, scholarships, summer programs) must be made in the Counseling Office.
  • If you have not attended GRCHS all 4 years, you are also responsible for requesting & sending any additional records, online classes, summer school or transcripts from any & all previously attended high school(s) grades 9 -12 to each college you make an application!


  • For all alumni requests, please complete the form below, or email Mrs. Jill Anderson in the counseling office at

Test Scores

  • Please note that ACT/SAT scores are not included on your transcript.
  • Colleges will receive your ACT/SAT scores if you selected them at the time you registered.
  • Students MUST select the same or additional colleges each & every time they register and take an ACT/SAT test. Students are also responsible for updating or sending their scores to additional colleges.
  • To do this, please visit your ACT or SAT account.


GRCHS Transcript Request Form