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High School Fine Arts

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Music Curriculum


Men's Chorus
A choral ensemble made up of 9th through 12th grade men. Emphasis is placed on developing the male voice’s unique qualities, and addressing voice issues related to it. Music to be performed is in three or four parts and represents a variety of styles and levels of difficulty. Some time will also be devoted to the study of music theory. For concerts this group will sing as A Cappella Men but also combine with A Cappella Women to form a large mixed choir – A Cappella, which has a long and rich history at GRCHS. Performances include three concerts involving all of our high school choirs, Chapel services, District and State Choral Festivals.

Women's Chorus
A choral ensemble made up of 9th – 12th grade women. Members will continue to develop their skills in voice production while learning and performing music in three and four parts that represents a variety of styles and levels of difficulty. Some time will also be dedicated to the study of music theory. For concerts this group will sing as A Cappella Women but also combine with A Cappella Men to form a large mixed choir – A Cappella, which has a long and rich history at GRCHS. Performances include three concerts involving all of our high school choirs, chapel services, and District and State Choral Festivals.

Chamber Choral
A smaller, highly select mixed ensemble made up of juniors and seniors. Auditions are held in February for the following year. Members focus on learning and performing challenging repertoire with attention paid to the details that produce high quality performances. This group sings many times throughout the year for community organizations, church services, District and State Choral Festivals, as well as the concerts at our school. Chamber Chorale is recognized as one of the top ensembles in the State of Michigan. As such they have been selected numerous times to perform for the Michigan Music Conference and the Michigan Youth Arts Festival.


Concert Band
Large ensemble emphasizing the development of musicianship of students in instrumental music. Previous experience playing an instrument and reading music notation is required. Placement is based on music teacher recommendation.

Symphonic Band
Large ensemble of selected musicians who study and perform major works of band repertoire. Placement is based on an audition with the director.


Large String orchestra ensemble that continues development of musicianship of string students through technical study and performance. Previous experience playing an instrument and reading notated music is required. This group performs in a formal setting 3 times a year. They also participate in MSBOA activities.

Symphony Strings
Large string orchestra ensemble that studies and performs major works of symphonic literature. This is an auditioned group and auditions are held in March with the director for the following year. This group performs in at least 5 formal concerts each year. They also participate in MSBOA activities.

Extra Curricular Music Opportunities

Drumline is open to all students (including non-music students).  This is a high-energy performance ensemble, which provides entertainment at GRCHS home football games and select other school events.  Students will learn how to play and march with the snare, tenor, and bass drums with proper timing and technique.

Gospel Choir

Students and staff of all skill levels are welcome to join the Gospel Choir, which meets once each week during the lunch hour.  The Gospel Choir assists in leading chapel and participates in several performances during the school year.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts Curriculum

Art Foundations
Students will explore a variety of art media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and ceramics. Emphasis is placed on both the technical and conceptual aspects of making art. This class is for anyone--from the student who thinks he/she can only draw “stick figures” to the student with advanced level artistic interests.  This class is a prerequisite to all other art courses.

Advanced Art Studies
This course is designed for junior and senior students who have a serious interest in the Visual Arts and can work well independently. Students will develop a portfolio that is based on a conceptual theme of their choosing. Students will also have the opportunity to go on a field trip to an art museum.

Ceramics & Sculpture One
Discover the possibilities of ceramic media in contemporary sculpture. Work with clay as a sculptural material while focusing on basic construction and finishing techniques. Learn hand building, wheel thrown pottery, surface design, glazing and kiln firing.                             

Ceramics & Sculpture Two
Explore three-dimensional concepts, skills, and processes of ceramics and sculpture. Emphasis is placed on advancing the student’s ability on the wheel, hand building sculptural techniques, and Raku firing. Students will also produce a large-scale group sculpture that will be permanently installed on the school campus.               

Design Thinking
Students will use design thinking to develop practical and innovative solutions to a variety of design problems. This process will focus on human-centered design, prototyping and testing, and working in collaboration with a team. Design problems will range from furniture design to offering practical design solutions to inefficiencies within our own school.

Students will explore a variety of drawing methods and materials throughout this semester. This course provides a comprehensive study of various forms of drawing and multimedia work. Emphasis is placed on learning skills and techniques that will enable students to effectively communicate meaningful visual concepts through their work.

Graphic Design
Students will learn how to design like the pros while exploring the art of sharing ideas and information with others. This class includes photography, print media (T-shirts, magazine, posters, etc.), advertising (logos, branding, and infographics), as well as web-based media including simple animation. The Adobe Design Suite will be highlighted while learning Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash.

Graphic Novels
In this mixed-media art class students will learn how to tell a story visually though the sequential arts. Students will also study the literary and artistic merits of the graphic novel genre. Both traditional and digital art techniques will be explored.

Illustration & Animation
Students will explore art making with digital tools, including developing original characters, scenes, objects, motion graphics, and other dynamic digital imagery. Traditional drawing, painting, sketching, sculpture, and mixed media techniques will be combined and elevated within a digital platform. Students will also have the opportunity to experiment with 3D modeling and 3D printing. The key programs used will be Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash.

This course will allow students to explore painting methods and materials in depth. During this course, students will have the opportunity to move from a study of basic painting techniques into more self-directed and advanced thematic paintings.

This course allows students to explore various methods involved in the exciting printmaking process, including calligraphy, etching, reduction, and silkscreen prints. Emphasis is placed on the synthesis of student-generated ideas with the graphic possibilities involved in printmaking.

This is a general elective course.  Students will produce our school Yearbook in all its facets: design, photography, layouts, wording, sales, budgeting, etc. and meet all company deadlines for a finished-published school yearbook.  Students will be expected to not only work in class, but have evening and weekend responsibilities as well, to ensure all clubs, athletics, dances, plays, concerts, etc. have representation in this all-school publication.  There will also be selling of advertisements to help defray the costs.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts Curriculum

Acting 1
This class will introduce the student to the basic principles and techniques of performing, including vocal technique, pantomime, and improvisation. The students will have opportunities to perform in class with monologues, duo and group scenes, and through study of the various types of theatre styles.

This class will instruct students in the technical aspects of the theatre, including basic principles of set design, set construction, lighting, costume and makeup, sound, special effects, and business practices. Students will have the opportunity to develop their own production during the year.

Musical Theatre
This class is an exploration of American Musical Theatre. Students will study the work of the actor/singer/dancer and use their gained knowledge to develop as performers. Students will prepare and present as soloists as well as members of small groups and larger ensembles. Since this is a workshop course, students will prepare material for class presentation and critique, as well as take part in daily exercises. There will also be a focus on the audition process as well as musical theatre history and repertoire. Grading will be based on student’s daily involvement and preparedness.

Extra Curricular Performance Opportunities

Students interested in developing, refining, and testing their public speaking and acting skills are offered the opportunity to be involved in the forensics program.  The forensics team also competes competitively against other schools.


Students meet every Monday night at school from 6-8pm to develop and practice their improvisational acting skills. The team learns fast-paced, short-form improvisational comedy and performs two public shows during the school year. Students must audition at the beginning of the year to be considered for this team.  Students from all grades are invited to the auditions.  The Improv season runs from September until the end of March.

Plays & Musicals - The Stage Company
Each year students have the opportunity to try out for parts in the play/musical productions.  The auditions are open to the entire student body.  Besides being actors, students are able to participate in a wide range of related crews and committees, which are essential to the production including student directing, makeup, lighting, set/props collection and construction.