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Summer Session

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At Grand Rapids Christian Schools, we believe a student's learning and growth does not stop when second semester ends.

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"Everyone should take a class in the summer.  It really prepared me for high school."

-GRCHS Summer Session Student


Summer Session is an exciting new way to earn course credit at Grand Rapids Christian High. The idea is simple: take a three-week class in the summer and earn one high school course credit (0.5 CU)!  We also offer one week workshops, drivers training, and now trips!

  • There are loads of great reasons to take a class during Summer Session:
  • Make room in your normal school year schedule for electives and Advanced Placement classes.
  • Take unique classes that aren’t offered during the school year.
  • Get ahead on graduation requirements.
  • Demonstrate to colleges that you invested in summer enrichment.


Who can register for Summer Session?

Incoming 9th- through 12th-graders are eligible to register. Prerequisites, if any, are noted in the course description.

You may take one or more classes or workshops. Classes and workshops are open to students from any school.

When do the classes meet?

Generally speaking, classes and experiences are designed for 7th & 8th graders OR 5th & 6th graders.  Students in 5th through 8th grade are given the opportunity to select their top five choices of classes/experiences for iXplore Week. In rare cases, students receive their third or fourth choice class.

Students are to get parent permission and parent agreement before selecting classes. 

How much does a Summer Session class cost?

Prices vary depending on the length of the class.  Check course options for specific tuition amounts.

Tuition for three-week classes is $350. 
Tuition for one-week classes is $125.

How do I register?

Register for Summer Session online. Registration opens ion March 1. 

Do you offer online classes?

Yes, we offer online classes through Michigan Virtual School.

Please see your GRCHS counselor to register.

Cancelation Policy

We reserve the right to cancel courses with fewer than 10 students enrolled. If your class is cancelled, you will be notified by email two weeks before the class is scheduled to begin, and your tuition will be refunded.



Christian Worldview (Hybrid)

GRADE LEVEL: 12th grade

In this hybrid, students will be in class for one  week of instruction from June 4-8 with remainder of work to be completed online. The course completion date will be June 22. This course provides an understanding of worldview development and then looks at various contemporary worldviews. Upon examination of the contemporary worldviews, the course articulates the Christian worldview and provides a thoughtful response to the competing philosophies. Specific attention is given to the Reformed Christian perspective as we confront issues such as the brokenness of our society and the ways to bring redemption to our fallen world. The course provides an opportunity for students to individually articulate their faith development and culminates with a project that asks students to engage a controversial issue and analyze it through the lens of a Christian worldview.


A study of basic economic concepts at the microeconomic, macroeconomic and international level as well as personal financial decisions. You will explore the economic system of the United States and how it operates, as well as the roles of various components of the American economy.

Fly Tying, Fly Fishing & Stream Entomology

In this two week course students will learn how to identify the bugs in our local streams and know a bit about their life cycle. Students will learn the basics of fly tying and will tie streamers, nymphs, dry flies, and terrestrials. Students will learn casting techniques and will have a few trips to the river to catch trout. See a tentative course schedule here.

Health and Fitness

Health is Wealth! This course is designed to be taken within the first few years of high school and meets the .5 Health graduation requirement. Do you want to learn how to save a life and be certified in adult & pediatric CPR/AED? In this course you will incorporate both intellectual and physical units in human health, fitness, CPR, and First Aid. The CPR unit will include instruction, testing, and certification. Are you as fit as you think you are? The fitness aspect will include aerobic activities, cross training, circuit training, and learning how to physically fit for a lifetime.

Media Studies

GRADE LEVEL: 10th grade

A required course for all sophomores. The course looks at media texts from film, television, advertising, and music to practice critical reading from a Reformed Christian perspective. The course includes composition instruction.

New Testament Survey

GRADE LEVEL: 10th grade

This hybrid course will begin with two days of in-class instruction (June 4,5), followed by independent online modules and coursework, and will culminate with two days back in the classroom (June 25, 26). The course seeks to look at the life and times of Jesus, the teaching of the Gospels, and the growth of the early Church. Key themes of the course will include how we read and understand the Bible and how we apply this text to our lives today. 

World History

GRADE LEVEL: 9th Grade

This course focuses on the history, geography, and culture of regions in the eastern and western hemispheres. After a review of ancient history, the course begins in Renaissance Europe and continues to the Industrial Revolution.

World Religions

GRADE LEVEL: 11th grade

A survey of Christian history and thought in the world and in Grand Rapids with special insights and focus on this thought in light of the ideas and history of other world religions.


Jump Start 8th Grade English

This August workshop provides an overview of essential learnings for 9th grade English class, opportunities to learn and practice the academic habits of strong learners, a preview of GRCHS systems, and time to meet other 9th graders before school begins.  

Jump Start High School Math

Regardless of the high school math class you are entering, strong algebra skills are essential. This workshop will improve your algebra skills to prepare you for your next math class.


Students will be introduced to Forensics, try out a variety of events, and ultimately prepare a Forensics piece that could be used in the upcoming season.


This is a class with an emphasis on writing poetry along with reading and analyzing poems. It is geared toward students not too experienced with poetry who want to explore what poetry has to offer.

Speak Life

 In this course students will learn the importance of their words, the impact they have on themselves and others through written, verbal, physical and visual expression.

Trigonometry (for students skipping FST)

The trigonometry learned in FST is an essential prerequisite for Precalculus and later AP Calculus. The Summer Session Trigonometry workshop is designed as a supplement for students who skip FST. The math department strongly recommends that all students who skip FST enroll in this workshop. Without a solid foundation in trigonometry, Precalculus will be extremely challenging.

You Tube: Video Production & Business

Today, YouTube reaches more adults ages 18-34 than any cable network. This class will focus on giving students a glimpse of what it takes to merge the worlds of video production with online marketing to run a successful YouTube channel.

Firstly, we'll go over the technical aspects of production, including cameras, lighting, sound, and basic video editing tools, and in the process we'll actually create a video. Then we'll learn more about the business side of YouTube, including marketing, social media, and various forms of revenue. We'll interview experts in the field and go behind the scenes to see what it takes to be successful on the world's second largest search engine.


Experience Guatemala!

Students will spend 4 weeks living in Guatemala. They will attend a local private school in Guatemala, live with a host family, and have a rich cultural experience. This experience will help with Spanish language acquisition and a greater understanding of the Guatemalan culture.


ACT & SAT Test Prep

One-week workshops will be offered before the June ACT and the August SAT. Each day will be individualized to each student’s needs and will focus on areas for growth. Summer is an ideal option for students who have yet to reach their desired goal score.

College Essay Writing

The college essay is consistently ranked as one of the most important factors in the college admission decision. Join this unique workshop to learn from experts in the field of college essay writing, write and revise your own essays, and receive feedback and editing advice from a GRCHS instructor and local college admission representatives. This course will take place during June. Students should have their essay topics identified prior to the workshop.


Driver training Segment 1 and Segment 2 will be offered at GRCHS in partnership with Sears Authorized Driving School.

Students in Segment 1 will complete their drivers training core requirements, which includes basic maneuvers, compliance, and safe driving strategies.   More information about driver training can be found here. 

To begin Segment 2 of Driver's Ed, you must: have had your Level 1 Learner's License (permit) for at least 3 months (consecutively); and, have completed at least 30 hours of practice driving with your parent, guardian, or approved licensed driver who is at least 21 years old (note that 2 hours must have been completed at night). To pass this segment, you must complete 6 hours of classroom time.

There is no driving component.  See Dates and Courses for specific times and dates.


Prepare for PSAT the Merit Scholarship Qualifying test.

Focus on Math for SAT or ACT.

Prepare for the the Reading section ACT/SAT Writing SAT and English ACT.

Work specifically on ACT Science and Reading sections (no grammar).

GRCHS is partnering with Michigan Virtual University to offer students access to a multitude of online courses, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Please see your counselor to see what options are available to you.




Brian Karsten, Summer Session Coordinator

Brad Mockabee, Principal

Vickie Fischer, Director of Admissions


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