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Grand Rapids Christian Middle School Principal's Corner

Change in Detention Practices

I hope that your family is enjoying the start to spring; we hope that this week it is actually here to stay! As we have now completed iXplore Week and returned to our final eight weeks of school, I wanted to inform you of a change in practice with detentions that will be instituted beginning this week:

Effective April 15, if a student is assigned a detention by a staff member, the detention will be served after school on a Tuesday or Thursday and not at lunchtime.
There are a couple of key reasons for this change:

(1) Managing lunch detentions can be a logistical issue for Mr. Riley, Mrs. Seth, the office staff, and me. Addressing these issues with after-school detentions allows us to do so at a time when we are not also monitoring what is happening with our 425 middle school students over the busy time of lunch break.

(2) It will serve as a greater deterrent to getting a detention if it were after school; sometimes students don't mind a lunch detention

(3) It has a bigger impact on staff resources then it does on hopefully changing student behavior.

This includes skipping "working lunch" for our 7th and 8th graders. If a student intentionally skips "working lunch," he or she will be assigned an after-school detention.
Detentions will generally be served on either the Tuesday or Thursday immediately after it was assigned from 3:15 - 3:45 p.m. The student and her/his parents will be notified of the detention, the reason that it was given, and the day that it will be served.
Of course, if one never gets assigned a detention, one need not worry about these changes.
As we continue to partner with your family in the growth and maturing of your children, we thank you for the opportunity to celebrate their growth and successes and to help them learn in times of challenge. Thanks for sharing your children with us and for allowing us to partner with you in their growth as Kingdom builders and effective servants of Christ!

-Eric Burgess

Eric Burgess

Eric Burgess

Grand Rapids Christian
Middle School


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