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Grand Rapids Christian Middle School Principal's Corner

Build the Kingdom Here

How quickly does a school year fly by?  In the blink of an eye, we are already to the final Home Bulletin of the year. 

Our school theme of "Build the Kingdom Here" is an appropriate theme for a Christian school community.  Throughout the year, we have attempted to challenge the kids and ourselves as adults to engage in being Kingdom builders here at GRCMS, in our broader West Michigan community, and throughout God's world.

As we reflect back on this year, I hope that you can say along with your children that they have grown and matured in acting more like servants and disciples of Jesus Christ. Are they still adolescents who will make impulsive decisions? Sure. But they also are not the same children that they were when they started the school year back in August.

It is our fervent hope and prayer that your children have grown this year not only as young people but as Kingdom builders. It is an honor to partner with you in the education and faith growth of your children; thanks for sharing them with us for another school year.  May you and yours have a blessed summer enjoying the beauty of God's creation and time with family and friends!

-Eric Burgess

Eric Burgess

Eric Burgess

Grand Rapids Christian
Middle School


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