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Iroquois Principal's Corner

If I could recommend to you a life-changing trip, it would be to venture to the land of Israel. I was fortunate to go there in my last year of high school with a group of fellow students, and friends of our school. I could share all kinds of stories and experiences. One that stands out is our visit to En Gedi

Imagine being David from the Bible. Walking through 110-degree heat, dusty dry ground, and nothing but rocks and hills around you. Close by is the Dead Sea taunting you as it looks so refreshing but is undrinkable and toxic. As David journeys through the desert with the enemy, Saul, not far behind him, he approaches En Gedi. 

En Gedi is an oasis. A place where green plants, bushes, and vines flourish. There is freshwater flowing from waterfalls creating large pools of refreshing, drinkable water. Figs and dates grow to fill the stomach. A place of absolute beauty in a wilderness that is dreadful. You have to Google, En Gedi.

Life can be a desert, a wilderness. A hard place to be. Let’s not forget that our lives also have “En Gedi-like” examples throughout. God reveals himself in so many ways, and we see him in the most unexpected places. En Gedi is so out of place. Maybe you’ve experienced God’s presence in the places where you don’t expect it. If you’re going through a desert right now, keep your eyes forward, as an En Gedi is coming. God is faithful always!

Welcome back to a new school year! It has been so great to welcome kids back into classrooms. They are such an incredible gift. May the staff, friends, and community of GRCES be an En Gedi for your children and for you. Have a wonderful week!

—John Barkel

John Barkel

John Barkel

Grand Rapids Christian
Elementary School
Iroquois Campus


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