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Iroquois Principal's Corner

Iroquois Principal's Corner - February 6, 2024

If you’ve ever ventured onto social media or follow certain online influencers, you have probably heard the short phrase, “Let’s GO!” Your kids might say this at home when there’s something exciting happening. You may have even found yourself saying it in ways that have nothing to do with you trying to get your kids out the door. It’s a positive and optimistic statement that is not final, but encouraging and drives people to keep moving forward. 

Words impact our attitude. When we say things to others or keep them to ourselves, words impact our attitude. Going into a meeting at work saying to yourself, “This is going to be brutal” will most likely result in a brutal meeting. Going into a meeting saying to yourself, “Let’s go” won’t remove any challenges, but your attitude will be better, and maybe the meeting won’t be as bad. When we wake up and go into the day, knowing it’s a day the Lord has made, and we will rejoice and be glad in it, we take on a grateful, joy-filled attitude. If we move into a day telling ourselves it won’t be good, it’s not only setting ourselves up for a bad day, but it’s also taking the day God gave us and not using it for his glory. 

So, tomorrow morning, and the next morning, and every morning after that I encourage you to say to yourself (and maybe a family member or co-worker), “This is the day the Lord has made. Let’s rejoice and be glad in it!” Or even a simple, “Let’s GO!” Your words matter, and have an impact on your day.   

One more thing! I want to personally invite each one of you to the 100-Year Celebration Gala on Wednesday, March 20, at 5:30 p.m. at the DeVos Place. There is no cost to attend, but you do need to register. It will be a time to both celebrate God’s faithfulness in the past and to look forward to his faithfulness over the next 100 years. 

I hope you can make it!

John Barkel

John Barkel

Grand Rapids Christian
Elementary School
Iroquois Campus


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