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Iroquois Principal's Corner

Mark Krommendyk, Ed.D.

Mark Krommendyk


From the Principal

"Preparing children to serve Christ in contemporary society"

Yes, we are preparing children to serve God, but that really doesn't capture our mission fully.  

We are preparing them to face life too. We can't know what exactly will happen in the lives of each child here over the years but we do know that it is not a stretch to think that life will bring unexpected challenges to pretty much every one of the 650+ children coming to school here. There will be sickness and loss, job issues, money issues, and relationship issues.  Some will not make the team, drop out of college, question what they believe, and be confused about what they want. These are the life challenges we are preparing them to face.  

When you send your child to a Christian school you are arming them to face life with God's truth. You are convincing them that God keeps his promises. You are affirming that God has created them, loves them and has a plan for them. Here, they learn to care for others. Here their faith deepens so that they can lean on it times of need.

This is our work and this is your deepest desire. This is what we are all praying for. When our children are fully armed with faith they truly are prepared.

This is why there are Christian schools.

-Mark Krommendyk


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