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Iroquois Principal's Corner

Mark Krommendyk, Ed.D.

Mark Krommendyk


Peace and joy to all of you this Christmas season! 

In the 'old days', before refrigeration, it was common to store perishable items in an icehouse during the summer. These houses were really well insulated, well-sealed storerooms which contained several layers of block ice cut and hauled from a nearby lake in the dead of winter. Each layer of ice was packed in a layer of sawdust. Well, the story goes that at the end of the summer, after the last of the ice had melted, a worker lost his pocket watch in the sawdust of a rather large icehouse.

Try as they could, the worker and his co-workers just could not find the watch in all the sawdust. Finally, he gave up and went home. He bemoaned his lost watch to his family. The next day the worker's son went to the icehouse. He went inside and low and behold, he came with the watch a few minutes later. "How did you ever find my watch in the dark with all that sawdust?" his dad asked. "It was easy," the son replied, "I just laid in the middle of the floor and listened for the ticking."

Sometimes trying to find the baby Jesus as Lord in Christmas is a lot like trying to find that watch in the icehouse.  It is hard to find Him when we need to shop, prepare for visitors, bake, etc. These are all wonderful parts of the Christmas experience bringing great joy, but if we really want to find Jesus we might take a lesson from the boy who found his father's watch.  We might want to lie quietly and listen for His voice. 

The GRCES staff wishes you all a blessed Christmas season this year. We have been listening for Jesus with your children at school and pray that you will find time to listen for Him at home too.

-Mark Krommendyk


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