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Iroquois Principal's Corner

Mark Krommendyk, Ed.D.

Mark Krommendyk



"Why do I have to learn this?" This is a question kids asked their teachers when your parents were in school, when you were in school and still ask today. Kids ask this and point to a writing assignment on the board.  They ask this after a complicated math lesson. They even ask this after reading the first paragraph of an assigned story. They ask because the answer is not clear. They ask because they do not want to learn it. They ask as a challenge.   

Why are kids learning? Why are we teaching them? These are actually pretty important questions. These are questions kids deserve answers to. Often kids think the answer is simply "because the adults said so" but this is not true. Kids are not learning in school because we told them to learn. Kids are not learning for their teacher. They are not learning for their parents. Most importantly, kids are not learning just for themselves. Of course, we want kids to be successful, get the jobs they want, etc. but in a Christian school the answer to "why are we doing this?" is much more. Our answer to this question makes us distinct. 

So, "why do I have to learn this?" The answer is simple. Everything we teach and learn is done to prepare children to be God's servants. We are doing this to be ready to serve. It is our deep commitment to this purpose that gives Christian schools purpose.  What I've just said is obvious.  In fact you may be saying that I'm just stating the obvious to yourself right now.  But, I ask you, do your kids know our answer to "why are we doing this?" Maybe the next time you are sitting around the dinner table you can ask them, "Why do you go to a Christian school?" and "Why are you learning?"  It is important they know the real answer.

-Mark Krommendyk


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