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Rockford Christian Principal's Corner

The new year is here!  We are seven days into 2020, and by now you have likely already heard a few puns about perfect vision or seeing well this year. It is truly the only chance this millennia (or any) to make the connection, so I will jump on the bandwagon.

Besides the clever pun, starting school after a two-week break is a natural time to reflect on the year and look ahead to what’s next. What do we see for ourselves, our children, and our school in the new year? What is our vision for the future? 

Good things are happening at Rockford Christian. Students are known in relational, Christ-centered classrooms by excellent Christian educators. Our beautiful campus and facility provides a safe and engaging place to learn and grow. Students spend time outside. They partner with buddy classes to learn and serve together. Our hopes for the future and vision for growth must build on the solid foundation we have as a school. How might God continue to work in this place? 

While some folks might have perfect 20/20 vision, I’m not sure any of us can say we have the perfect plan for the future. 1st Corinthians 13:12 reminds us that “we see only a reflection as in a mirror...we know in part”. Our perceptions and predictions fall short. Does this mean we throw in the towel on our goals for our students and our school? Of course not! But it reminds us that our work here must be rooted in Christ and His will. 

Will you join me in praying for Rockford Christian in the new year?  Pray that we might continue to prepare students as effective servants of Christ through meaningful experiences in His world.  

In Him,
—Ben Buursma

Ben Buursma

Ben Buursma

Rockford Christian School


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