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Rockford Christian Principal's Corner

Rockford Principal Corner - April 9, 2024

I’m tempted to use this week’s message to shine a ray of light on yesterday's solar eclipse in an attempt to brighten your day. I worry, however, that you may have reached the totality of all you care to hear on the subject and any further enlightenments would only cast a shadow on your mood. 

Regardless of how you feel about celestial events or sun puns, seeing our students see the eclipse reminded me of the power of experiential learning. Reading about the solar eclipse or even watching a video on the phenomenon is informative, but it is nothing like watching the light darken, feeling the air chill, and observing the moon pass in front of the sun. I’m sure the memory of yesterday’s eclipse will stick with them for many years to come. 

While we can’t orchestrate a yearly solar event, we do prioritize special times for experiential learning. Elementary students spent the 3 days before Spring Break in mixed-aged groups exploring each attribute from our Portrait of a Graduate. Middle school students are in the midst of iXplore and are taking special classes in woodworking, photography, lifetime fitness, and more. Throughout the year, Outdoor Ed is a weekly opportunity for students to get their hands dirty and our entire preschool program is predicated on the idea of play-based learning. 

Taken together, these opportunities not only excite your children about learning, but students get to connect their learning to God’s world. Meaningful, integrated, and authentic learning experiences are a key way students learn to live as servants of Christ in today’s world. 



Ben Buursma

Ben Buursma

Rockford Christian School


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