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Rockford Christian Principal's Corner

Teachers know students benefit from hearing information more than once and in more than one way. Our theme, “Love in Action” is no different — reading Romans 12:9-21 one time through won’t make for lasting learning. 

This past week, I saw teachers at every grade level digging into our theme in rich and meaningful ways.

Preschoolers took the very beginning of our theme verse “Love must be sincere” and talked about what it means to be sincere. What does it look like? What does it sound like?

8th graders broke the theme verse into sections and acted them out. As one group presented, their peers distilled the major takeaways from the performance. 

As we start September, keep the conversation going at home. Ask your child how they’ve seen love in action. Share examples. Pray for the joys and concerns of our community. It is my hope that our theme becomes much more than a set of verses or slogan on a shirt; I pray we will see Christ’s love daily and live it out in lots of ways. 

In Him,
—Ben Buursma

Ben Buursma

Ben Buursma

Rockford Christian School


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