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Rockford Christian Principal's Corner

Assessment. I know as a student, the word wasn’t my favorite. The thought of being evaluated and graded on what I had learned always caused a bit of anxiety.

As an educator, however, my view of assessment has changed. All those teacher questions and quizzes help get answers to some important questions: What do students know? What can they do? What have they mastered? Where do we need more practice? Assessment is a teacher's way to get consistent feedback from students. It informs instruction and promotes growth. 

As a school, we value feedback in all its forms. Assessments give us a picture of classroom learning, while other data, like enrollment numbers, give us a sense of how we are doing in the bigger picture. Last year, parents had the opportunity to complete a survey about Rockford Christian School. Their responses help us to see what we are doing well as a school and where we can grow. 

I’m happy to share that parents gave overwhelmingly positive feedback on how we are executing our mission to prepare students as effective servants of Christ. Of those surveyed, 98% of parents shared that they were satisfied with how RCS actively encourages their child’s spiritual growth. I know I see it on the playground, in the woods at Camp Roger, and worshiping together each week during Family Time. Our teachers masterfully connect students and their learning to God and His Word. Parents notice it too. All of those surveyed felt respect from their child’s teacher and recognized how the staff at Rockford Christian keep children’s best interest in mind and do whatever they can to help children learn. 

While we celebrate our strengths, we also look for ways to improve.

Community was another theme that emerged from our parent survey. For many, Rockford Christian feels like a family. We are a close-knit community, and those who are connected feel safe and supported. Yet not everyone feels connected. We still have work to do to ensure every member of our community feels welcomed, included, and valued. I pray we might continue this work together. Introduce yourself to someone new. Invite someone to Family Time. Join us for a PTO meeting. What better way to show Love in Action?

In Him,
Ben Buursma

Ben Buursma

Ben Buursma

Rockford Christian School


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